Pulse 3.0 for iOS and Android brings infinite scrolling and unlimited feeds

Daniel Bader

November 8, 2012 4:47pm

Pulse is one of the most popular cross-platform news reading apps, owed to its excellent design and curated content. Before Flipboard took the world by storm, Pulse was offering great content, syncing with Google Reader, and displaying it all in a cohesive and straightforward layout.

Pulse 3.0 improves on almost every aspect of the app without changing the overarching goal of delivering news in a beautiful way. The team has added infinite scrolling, so any feed you’ve added will just continue to push out content until its stores are exhausted.

There’s a new sidebar for navigation, which emulates many of the popular apps on the platform such as Facebook and Path, to outline your Pages. Previous Pulse versions necessitated separating feeds into pages, since there was a limited number of sources per screen. This has been done away with, so you can have just one page with an unlimited number of feeds.

Searching for new content is much easier, too, and results are sourced from a variety of places like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr, making everything more relevant.

Download Pulse 3.0 for iOS and Android.

Via: Pulse Blog

  • noSense


    • Blackberry Fan!!!

      Will this be available for Blackberry as well? There was no mention of it in the article.

  • RyanOver

    infinite scrolling and unlimited feeds aren’t the same thing?
    infinite scrolling couldn’t be without no feeds

  • mattprime86

    No. They mean you can have any number of sources displayed on a single page rather than the previous 10 max. And the unlimited scrolling lends itself to how many articles are displayed laterally FROM each of the sources.

  • andy c

    Favorite RSS reader just got better. Great update

  • TZM

    Gotta love Pulse, one of my go to apps I use everyday just got even better!

  • patrick

    Will you look at that, a couple of phones designed by lg. will wonders never cease.

  • Brian

    Great app now even better. Keep up the good work, Pulse creators.

  • Kevin

    The app works great however I am not getting any feeds from MobileSyrup any more is anyone else having this problem?
    I deleted the feed and added it back but still no luck, I am getting zero stories from MobileSyrup.

  • deli

    I still prefer Taptu. But I guess I’ll give Pulse a try again.