Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 software development kit

Daniel Bader

October 30, 2012 12:46pm

Microsoft has finally released its long-awaited software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8. It’s been a long time coming, but it makes sense since today is the first day of Microsoft’s BUILD conference in Redmond, Washington.

Many developers in attendance here are scrambling to download the new software and get working on porting their existing Windows Phone 7.5 apps to the new platform. Certain companies such as Facebook and Twitter have been given early access to the kit, but the vast majority of users will have a lot to learn in the coming days.

Head to Microsoft’s site to download the new software.

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  • DareDevil

    Wow, where can I get wallpaper like that? /s

    • Samir

      What would a wallpaper accomplish on this Windows Phone? Clutter things up, thus killing the clean, polished look? You won’t see 95% of it anyway behind the live tiles…

      Before trolling, take a few seconds to think, in order to avoid embarrassment.

      This reminds me of a genius from a few weeks ago, who said that he wanted to plaster naked girls all over his phone via wallpapers. We know that he’s not getting any, therefore he needed to create a fantasy, but that may be going a bit too far, even for that poor sap.

      Even though the main screen may not have a wallapepr, the lock screed does, and many of the apps have picture backgrounds.

  • Raymond

    I’m already sold on WP8, but my issue is that I want a Lumia 820, but something tells me it won’t be coming to my provider. I am not one of those id1ots who switches providers just because of the phone, so I’ll stay put for now, and see how it plays out. I might have to buy it outright, which I have no issues with.

  • beyond

    Kind of dissapointed that the SDK requires Windows 8 operating system. Considering I can run Visual Studio Professional 2012 on Windwos 7 this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense limiting it to Win 8 only. I was holding off on an OS upgrade for a while, but now it seems like I have to upgrade afterall, or install as dual boot OS.

  • Swizzlerz

    only $8 to be a developer right now. just pay 100 and you get a refund for the rest for a 1 year subscription 😀