Could Samsung be readying two more Galaxy Note variants?


  • Daniel Sarfati

    I’d put money on a 16 GB and a 32GB version, not different screen sizes

    • Sean

      I don think different storage sizes = different model numbers

    • GoogleVoice

      HOW MUCH???

      That is the question!
      7″ tablets go from $170 to $270 now.

      You have to be crazy to pay $600 plus for a phone or Phoblet, ot is it Taphone? in Nov 2012!

      The hurrycane has delayed Google-Nexus prices, which will set the price bar for phones and tablest in 2013. The S3 will drop to $500 for sure for the holidays, yeah! It’s already at $491 “Device Balance” (Subsidy cost) at TELUS, but signing on 3yrs kills the deal.

  • Netguru

    “Could Samsung be ready two more Galaxy Note variants?” Really? Could MS learn how to proof read?

    • TN

      Nope – they publish before thinking!

    • Myles

      There is no respectable website worse than this one for typos and sentences that barely make sense.

    • Dave

      Does it really matter though? If it does, why? To me it doesn’t matter, I know what it was meant to say. I mean if this was for something really formal, a letter to a boss, important person, a high priority message then maybe. It doesn’t destroy credibility, you’re just really freaking anal about sh*t.

    • Netguru

      @Dave, it does destroy the site’s credibility. It makes them look really unprofessional. If you can’t understand that and call people anal, well that says a lot about you.

  • anona

    Be ready two more!

  • HwyXingFrog

    I would really have to use one to be able to have an opinion on it.

    I really hope they don’t go crazy and release too many devices in a year. Yes I like some choice, but the devices are just too expensive.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably the best thing I’ve seen Samsung do (besides their Nexus phones). They put a lot of work into the S3, and if I was getting a new phone today on a contract, it would still be my first choice.

    I do realize there are different needs of different customers. But I don’t want to see Samsung spread themselves too thin.

  • saltorio

    Personally not keen on the 7″ tablet size. I find ~5″ to be the perfect size screen for phones, and 10″ to be ideal for tablets. 7″ tablets seem too small for me. I want to be able to see a full web page or letter-size PDF without having to squint or zoom in.

    I am planning to get a Galaxy Note 10.1 as soon as I can scrounge the funds.

  • ryan

    the model for canada is the n7105

  • Sly

    I also agree with saltorio. I think the perfect size for a phone is around 5″ (i own a GNoteI) and 10″ for tablets. I think the Nexus 7 could be a good choice if you own an older device (phone) and don’t want to upgrade.

  • iphoneuser

    I also wish Samsung don’t spread themselves too thin.

    The Galaxy S3 Mini was not needed. If they want to release it, release it under another name. Don’t spoil the premium Galaxy brand with a low spec budget phone.

    • Adam

      Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Q, etc. Galaxy isn’t premium. Galaxy S/Tab is premium.

  • Wepeel

    Daniel, please hire an editor to proof read your work. Is it really that hard to take a few minutes to read over your work before you post it?

  • Jon P

    I’m putting my money on a new Note model between the Note 2 and Note 10.1 size. As for the 5100 vs 5110 model numbering, 5110 is probably a WiFi only model and 5100 having 3G and/or LTE connectovity as well. At least that has been the case for Tab, and Tab Plus models.

  • Wilbour

    I have the Galaxy S Vibrant(I9000M). it’s almost the same as other Galaxy S’s but not exactlly. It is for a narrow market and therefore many mods were never designed for this specific unit.

  • ile2010

    Engrish FTW.

  • Daniel Bader

    Guys, omitting three letters from a title, while regrettable, doesn’t change the content of the article, nor the care we take in ensuring its accuracy. We take proofreading very seriously and I’m particularly embarrassed by this one.

    In other words, I messed up. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, politely or otherwise.

    • Wepeel

      The “care you take in ensuring its accuracy” ?? Are you kidding me?

      For one, even your statement has a grammatical error in it. Secondly, you would be hard pressed to find a single article on this entire blog that is free of mistakes.

  • Gaugerer

    If the 7 inch note has a full HD (1080p) screen then it will show as much as a 10 inch tablet and be much handier.