Canadians sent over 23.8 billion text messages in Q2 2012

Ian Hardy

October 29, 2012 4:00pm

Canadians love to text. New stats from the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) reveals a record number of text messages were sent in Q2 2012. Consistent with the rise in previous quarters, Q2 witnessed over 23.8 billion text messages were sent by Canadians, up from the 19.5 billion texts in Q2 2011.

The CWTA also noted that “More than 8 billion person-to-person text messages were sent in June 2012 alone, which represents an average of approximately 267.8 million messages per day.” Combining the 23.3 billion texts sent in Q1 with the record Q2 brings the total to over 74.1 billion.

Source: txt

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I bet half of us make up 99% of the texts. from my experience, either you text like mad or rarely text

    • Joe

      I have days when I text quite a bit, and days when it’s relatively quiet. Then again, there are those days where I may send 30-40 messages, which, I guess, one would consider “average”.

      So, yup, I diasgree with your “either-or” assessment.

  • Porilaisten


  • mikkey

    I’ve probably sent about a million of that 23.8 billion! 🙂 *jk*

  • billionaire

    I contributed a billion towards this number <3

  • billionaire

    Thanks to fido’s unlimited national and international text messages 😀

  • landragon

    yay to useless stats

  • Boycott Bell Rep

    the CWTA is run by the Big 3

    Mirko Bibic – Bell Canada
    Michelle Digulla – Motorola Canada
    Ken Engelhart – Rogers Communications
    Michael Hennessy – TELUS
    Serge Sasseville – Quebecor Media Inc.

  • luke

    my txting has dramatically decreased now that i’m using facebook messenger, google talk, etc more. but i’m still sending text based messages more than ever.

  • RoyalWitCheese

    Wow a whopping 3TB worth of data for the telecos to push over the air. (assuming every text is a full 160 character text)

    I’m guessing it’s probably closer to 1 TB of actual data.

  • Chad Sexington

    Yah, and I bet most of them are of the high caliber “whatz up”, “whatcha doing”, “yah”

  • Daniel AJ

    That’s because phone calls are so expensive in Canada.

    • Dave

      Not expensive if you are smart and a customer of one of the new companies…

      Let other people pay so much money for the option to download a song 2.6 seconds before I am.

  • AJ

    You should put that chart beside a chart of Canadian BlackBerry users. You’ll probably see that as the amount of BlackBerry users go down, the amount of text messages go up. Guess without BBM, the true number of person-to-person messages are starting to show.

  • David

    You would think it would have dipped with the text replacement via usage of Smartphones alternatives (imessage, BBM and gChat)

  • Stupid

    We should all go back to IM..
    They’ve got a hook in us with sms.