Quick hands-on with the Sony Xperia go, plus under water test (Video)

Ian Hardy

October 28, 2012 11:10am

Sony announced that the Xperia go will be heading towards Fido in both white and black, plus also unlocked in yellow at Sony Stores in a couple weeks. We’ve learned that Fido will launch the Xperia go at $0 on a 3-year with a data plan, or $30 without data. No word yet on the no-contract prices.

At the AndroidTO Conference in Toronto this week Sony was there giving a demos of various devices and the Xperia go was present. The specs of this Android represent an entry level device, but still respectable. The Xperia go runs Ice Cream Sandwich, feels good in the hand as it only weighs 110 grams and measures 9.8 mm thin. The go has a 3.5-inch display and packs a 1 GHz dual-core processor.

One of the main features of the Xperia go is that it can “handle everything life dishes out” as it’s resistant to dust, water and scratches. To prove this point Sony had a bucket of water where I could to a dunk test. Apparently the go can last up to 20 minutes under water and still work. In addition, once you remove the back cover you reveal an additional coating on the inside where the battery and other electrical components are located for extra protection – you can check out a quick hands-on of the go, plus an under water dunk test below. We’ll have a full review shortly.

  • iphoneee

    apple maps can look under water.

    • Dive

      Please keep all the “new ” Sony’s LG’s and others phones launched with ICS Underwater; call me when they upgrade them..if ever!

      I bought one Sony and one LG on the promise that the upgrade was coming soon and never arrived. Never again!

      If the “upgrade coming soon” was coming soon in reality why not wait a couple of weeks to release the phones?

      Pretty obvious that they just want to sell the phones in numbers for the holiday season, then January arrives and they will be focusing on the next model.

    • Blas

      Considering that it’ll likely direct you into a lake, that’s probably a necessary feature.

  • Raid

    At first I thought it was just gonna be a quick in and out. But I lost it when he removed the back and fumbled with the phone in the water only to have it still working.

    Really good display of innovation…this should definitely be a standard in all future phones.

    • Cody

      I’m assuming it has that coating on it already that you can send your ‘normal’ phone away to make waterproof. Same with the htc J Butterfly which I’ll be waiting for 🙂

  • aliwhatsit

    better touching experience? dayummmm.

  • mukrenol

    Sony’s getting good products out and getting better at it

  • Fartknocker

    Much like OEM’s not offering top of the line specs on smaller screen phones, I guarantee they will not offer top of the line specs in a ruggedized phone, which is really too bad. I lost my iPhone 4 this past summer to an unintentional dip in a lake.

    • COB

      I think it’s a Samsung rugged phone that’s coming out, that has decent specs, no quad core or anything but I think it was like a 1.5 GHz dual core, etc.

  • Thomson

    Damn. I go the Xperia U on fido and now they release this with ICS. I bet I’ll never see an official ICS update now.

  • Tom

    Looking forward to seeing a fuller review and learning of the outright price.

    Not many options for a good but smallish Android, so this goes on my list.

    Not hopefully regarding future updates though.

  • RaichuTM25

    Htc one s > sony xperia go

    • Rio

      Untill its dropped in water 😛

  • Matt

    Now they just need to release a tablet with the waterproofing tech so I can read my ebooks in the bath!

  • Matthew

    Now they just need to release a tablet with the waterproofing tech so I can read my ebooks in the bath

    • Sean

      Pantech released on in the US that does that

  • Abe

    This would be a good secondary phone. I might get this I known the price

  • zzZZzz

    I’ll probably get it for snowboarding if under 200

  • Henry

    The international version is about 200 so I would assume the NA version isn’t far off from it

  • DrBadass

    Finally I can take a picture of the loch ness monster underwater.

  • Fury

    This is funny. I saw a Sony rep take one, dunk it in a bottle of water he was carrying. He wiped it off, and handed it to me. I went to turn the screen on, and it fritzed out.. I handed it back.. His response.

    “Ohh well. I’ll get it warrentied.”

    so.. It’s water RESITANT.. not water PROOF 🙂

    For me at the sales floor level, All I care about is if it comes back repaired from Sony’s repair partners.

  • WindowsPhoneSucks

    That’s pretty neat. Although @Fury, there’s no such thing as ‘water proof’ there’s only water resistant. Water proof implies that the thing will NEVER be damaged or degrade from exposure to water.

    I am however just a little skeptical… but if this phone is really what its made out to be, this would be awesome for taking pics while under water.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I wonder how he managed to to dunk a phone into a bottle of water

  • JT

    I wish someone would release a mid-range phone like this with a 8mp camera.

  • John

    To bad the back button is on the left… >I’m a righty and like my back button on the right site<