Update: Air Canada and Cineplex beef up support for Passbook as iOS 6 adoption increases

Daniel Bader

October 26, 2012 8:02pm

Apple’s Passbook feature, added in iOS 6, has been tentatively adopted by various brands despite the potential exposure in being featured in the App Store. In particular, Canadian retailers have been slower to add the feature to its apps than American ones.

One company has bucked that trend, however. Cineplex has been quickly iterating its iOS app, adding Passbook-related features such as the ability to print tickets at the firm’s self-service terminals. Users can also redeem SCENE points using Passbook, and as of the last version the app can detect when they arrive at the theatre, bringing the purchased ticket to the lock screen for easy redemption.

Air Canada, too, has jumped on the Passbook bandwagon, allowing users to add their boarding passes to the app. While the app update is still being submitted, users who purchase a ticket using the airline’s mobile app or through their mobile website will receive a text message with a link to the boarding pass. If using a compatible iOS 6 device, a link to add the pass to Passbook will also be present. While the integration provides no explicit advantage over using a traditional mobile boarding pass, Passbook aims to be a consolidator of information.

Apps like LivingSocial, Starbucks, Hotels.com, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, AirBnB and others have added Passbook support in the last weeks.

As of last week, over 60% of active iOS users have updated to iOS 6, making it one of the fastest software upgrade cycles in history.

Update: Air Canada has been updated to version 3.7 with Passbook support.

Source: Air Canada iTunes
Via: iPhone in Canada

  • HMM

    cool stuff..!

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    • Pete


      Before you go bashing other people, learn how to spell check you illiterate d*****s…
      I am from Quebec, I am not on welfare, and I use Air Canada.
      Go spill your racist poison elsewhere.

  • Joe

    Having my Scene card on my phone is great. Hopefully I can get rid of more cards from my wallet soon.

  • schultzter

    I’ve been using the Cineplex app my Android phone for a while now; and it’s great. I just wish all apps would you use Google Checkout for their “in-app” purchases so Google was the only with my credit card info.

  • Brian

    How about an Android app, Air Canada? Doesn’t need to be perfect but it would be nice.

    • tooold

      They should get on that but until then I use m.aircanada.ca

  • Lincoln

    How do you get ticketmaster to work?? I bought tickets but none are appearing in passbook… Help?

    • Jared

      It does not seem like Ticketmaster has implemented Passbook, reviews in the Appstore are full of Passbook complaints asking why it does not work despite being advertised as such.

      Between a horrible iOS app, and FINALLY making a Android app that debuted just this summer, Ticketmaster is dropping the ball on mobile experience.

    • Rio

      It is kind of hard for ticketmaster to implement Passbook completely, I believe some of their tickets are transferable to passbook but not all venues have the ability to scan tickets of your screen

  • Jason A

    I need all my gas cards on this! (Presently carrying 4)


    Yeah Canada stop lagging behind and pick up the pace with the rest of the world geeeez