Click in: Microsoft details Surface Touch Cover keyboard in new video

With all the attention given to Apple’s iPad mini today, it would be forgivable if you forgot that Microsoft’s Surface tablet is being released this Friday.

In the run-up to the tablet’s launch — which has partly sold out online and will be available at pop-up stores around Canada — Microsoft has released a new video showing off how it produced the 3mm thick Touch Cover keyboard. In what could be considered a miracle of engineering, the pressure-sensitive keyboard clicks into the tablet much like iPad’s Smart Cover. Combined with the Surface’s built-in kickstand, it allows the tablet to be used as one would a laptop.

What do you think of the Surface and its Touch Cover keyboard? Is it more desirable than the new iPad, which was updated today with a faster processor and new Apple’s Lightning connector?

Via: Techcrunch


    I like it , very cool

  • Tedds

    I like seeing actual innovation, and not the one that runs purely on media hype and a comany logo.

    • Tedds


  • Keith

    Looks awesome but I want to see the Pro models. I would also like to see what Nokia is coming out with.

  • Henry

    I like the keyboard but that’s a loud click

  • James

    It’s laughable that the “Lightning connector” is considered a feature. Just there to make people buy proprietary peripherals.

    • Gurnishan

      a million thumbs up :)

  • Swizzlerz

    I cant wait to use mine :) a few more days :D

  • Ron Mexico

    Still overpriced

  • lukeiphone

    This is actually good. I’m willing to ditch my iPad for this.

  • EddieWinslow

    I would greatly consider this if I wasn’t already heavily invested into the Google Ecosystem

  • AppleMan

    “built-in kickstand, it allows the tablet to be used as one would a laptop.”

    Yea I can’t imagine that, it would fall off my lap with that flimsy stand

  • Brian b71

    Very cool indeed. I would much rather have something like that then to purchase an iPad for way more money.

  • Mike

    I’m intrigued. But I also wanna wait and see what other OEMs bring out. If they can make something as cool as the Surface but at a lower price, I just might bite.

  • CanS

    I just wish I knew when mine was shipping…. Its Tuesday night and no shipment notification… Doesn’t look like I’ll have it Friday more like next week. So much for pre-ordering.

  • Graeme

    if the pro version of surface was coming out on the 26th I would probably buy it.

    As it stands I think I will be getting an i5 samsung ativ smart pc pro.

    I have an old toshiba laptop with swivel screen that folds in to tablet config, and I always loved the pen resistive screen wasn’t as optimal as the new capacifitve but for precision required at the time it was all their was.

    point is I loved having a fully functional tablet made to do anyting a full notebook could do.

    to be able to have that in an actual tablet format where the keyboard is an accessory sounds great to me.

    I love using photoshop and coding, and those are things I would prefer to do on a full processor than even on an atom.
    so maybe the ativ pro is the better choice anyway!

    maybe I will get a surface as well come black friday if they go on sale!.

  • Key lime pie

    Now that’s innovation not just marketing and i can’t wait to check out the Intel models later this year.

  • Ron

    Looks amazing! There you go apple out the door! Just finished watching the keynote presentation, and all I can say is “wow nice iMac, so lets go back to my surface pre-order”

  • 5Gs

    So I am paying about 600C$ to buy keyboard.. Wow!

  • SanRuelino

    another innovation that keeps me away from iProducts…. looks cool and awesome!

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    At least the features can justify the price a bit better than another certain company…

    I don’t really have the skrilla for this, but I hope Microsoft puts out a great product that people want and is actually useful.

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