Swype beta for Android gets ‘hotwords’, new tablet layouts

Daniel Bader

October 17, 2012 8:17pm

Swype beta for Android, the other best keyboard on the platform, has been updated with some pretty neat features, especially if you’re a tablet user.

By synchronizing a pool of ‘hotwords’ with the cloud, Swype can automatically add zeitgeist-y sayings like ‘cray’ and ‘binders’ to its database (those words may or may not already be in there).

If you use Swype on multiple devices, it will not sync your personal dictionary across logins — so if have a tablet and a phone, you won’t have to re-add the same words over and over.

Speaking of tablets, Swype now has two new options: a smaller, adjustable version for left- and right-handers, and a split-screen option. We haven’t tried the tablet layouts to verify their efficacy, but we’ll let you know when we do.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Swype beta, you should do so as soon as possible.

Via: The Verge

  • Alex

    i think this update releases tomorrow

    i got to used to it…but has been buggy. was about to switch but now i will give it another shot

    ive tried them all….swift key is alright, so is stock, but nothing beats a gesture and getting a full word

    so lazy to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tomorrow….swype is NOT for the two handers though

  • Alex

    OH and i hope the let us use google voice when we want to speak to text…..OMG DRagonGois beyond unusable !!!

  • crimsona

    Rather than trying to be Swiftkey with a split screen keyboard, they should have just had a micro-sized floating keyboard for one handed thumb usage. There’s been a floating keyboard available for a while, but it’s not thumb-friendly due to thick tablet bezels

    The beta’s coming tomorrow, but I don’t like how Swype’s direction after being bought out by Nuance.

    Having said that though, I absolutely can’t stand tapping on SwiftKey and iOS keyboards, so Swype for life (or any similar alternatives)

  • god

    Android key Lemon PIe ?

    • god

      wrong threads lol

  • christian

    when update available? tomorrow?

  • Zeake

    I’m currently typing this perfectly written message on my qwerty keyboard. Long live the qwerty!

  • Kiri

    Once you Swype, You’d never type ever.

  • Jeremy

    Swype would be better if I could turn off internet access for it. I really don’t want all of my usernames and passwords transmitted over the net. No company has perfect security.

    Toggling between keyboards is too much of a pain to only use it occasionally.

  • Studystand

    Has anyone had issues with this latest release? I just installed it and I can no longer set it to be my default keyboard. Everytime I attempt to set it up it just reverts back to the stock Android keyboard.

  • cass_m

    @Studystand-did you have the previous Swype installed? On the device I did have it installed on, it won’t set as default (JB Nexus) but on the new install, it works fine.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I used to swear by Swype; then Swiftkey came along.