Rdio for Android beta brings Holo-inspired design and left-side navigation bar

Daniel Bader

October 16, 2012 7:06pm

It seems like, finally, Android app development is maturing. Rdio has always been one step ahead of the game when it comes to designing beautiful Android apps — the app in its current form is arguably better-looking and more functional than its iOS equivalent — but its new beta app improved things yet again.

Now with a more Holo-fied design ethic, as well as an intuitive left-side navigation bar (think Facebook), Rdio’s new beta app looks and performs wonderfully. It can also be used as a remote for other platforms, something its web app has been able to do for some time.

Rdio plans to tweak the beta in the run-up to its eventual release on Google Play, so if you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of app testing, give it a try. I must warn you: this is not the typical bug-filled beta full of force closures and graphical glitches. This is a fully-formed, stable and functional app that may make you forget the previous app design ever existed. Sorry about that.

Recently, one of Android’s most popular music apps, TuneIn Radio, updated its design to reflect Google’s new Holo guidelines. It’s beautiful, too, and works really well.

Download the Rdio for Android beta.

Via: TheNextWeb

  • aliwhatsit

    Mobilesyrup… What is it with you and this rdio thing?

  • Matty

    For me, rdio is exactly what I want from a music service. Well priced, great catalogue, and as an android user I love that it’s one of the few cross platform apps that is consistently a step ahead on that platform.

  • Francis Thibault

    Holo aka Metro!

  • GrooveStomp

    Well, looks are one thing. Their last version was pretty, but every single screen was preceded with a 20+ second load where user input was completely ignored.

    I stopped using their service after contacting their customer support on Twitter, Email and through their website and getting a simple form resposne that failed to address my complaints.

    Maybe they made a functional app this time? The first version worked perfectly fine, so I guess we’ll see!