Rogers opens up online reservations for the LG Optimus G

Ian Hardy

October 12, 2012 1:01pm

The LG Optimus G launch date is still unknown, we only understand that it’s coming to Bell, TELUS and Rogers sometime “early November.” We’ve had some hands-on time with this quad-core Android here… if you’ve been itching for this device and want it on Rogers then you can now go forth, drop $40, and secure yours via their Online Reservation System. The official price plans are not listed, but the Rogers version of the LG Optimus G will be different than Bell and TELUS’ as it’ll use the their 2600Mhz network and theoretically tops out at 100Mbps download speeds.

(Thanks A!)

  • Ron Mexico

    LG? Pass!

  • iphoneee

    Apple maps on LG phone??? good luck with that

  • Matt

    I’m taking a pure android experience, the LG nexus, optimus G brother!

  • JL

    Quad core Snapdragon S4 :O OH MY GOD.

    I’ll wait for the Nexus version. It really does seem like LG is going all in on the G series of phones like HTC did with the One series. Hopefully it turns out well for them.

  • Jessy

    Sucks I’m still with Bell for 3 more months, I would be ordering this phone right now.

  • Rebellion

    I guess we can not ever have a smart a$$ on this site. Really aren’t you supposed to be in school right now studing rather than posting stupidities here?!

    • jack

      Aww. You made a joke about being stupid and you couldn’t spell “studying” right LOL AWESOME!

  • qu3becker

    Meh, getting the Nexus one(not the HTC phone) for 399$ outright will be way more advantageous than going with Rogers or any 3 years plan (Why do we get 3 years plan when the US gets 2 Years? **** them)

    • chall2k5

      submit those comments to the crtc…they’re looking for it

  • saltorio

    I’m waiting for the Galaxy Note II. Not saying I’m going to upgrade to it (though I’m definitely tempted), but I want to see pricing.

  • deli

    No LG. They screwed over customers enough.

    However, $399 is a great price for a high-end Nexus.

  • schultzter

    Yeah, if it wasn’t LG I would be interested. If you’ve seen the video their QSlide cross-tasking is pretty cool, hopefully that comes to all Androids and not just LG.

  • SBR

    On the rogers website it says 129.99 on a term and 599.99 month to month

  • rick

    lg should stick to making washing machines

  • Osama

    i want this phone but I have to try out the camera first… and reservation system? who does Rogers think LG is, Apple? Im sure I will be able to find this phone without dropping 2 greens in advance!

    • Mr. Reliable

      No, you won’t, as most stores won’t stock up on it for launch. NRS means you get it at your store of choice on release. Plus, its refunded on your account the day it ships.