Cygnett Apollo Hybrid Case Review for Samsung Galaxy S III

Daniel Bader

October 6, 2012 7:27pm

The perfect case would be thin, light, protective, and comfortable to hold. It would be made of material that wouldn’t scratch or break; it would allow access to all the major ports; and it would complement the design of the phone.

Case manufacturers have been endeavouring to find that perfect balance for years, and with the emergency of “Hero” phones — namely the iPhone, Galaxy S line, and HTC’s One series, among others — they’ve had plenty of opportunity to cater to different market segments.

Cygnett is an Australian company that has been putting out quality products for a few years now. Unafraid to challenge the conventions of what a case should feel or look like, they’ve collaborated with Australian artists and licensed London Tube assets to appeal to niche demographics.

The Apollo Hybrid case is so called because it has soft, rubberized sides and a hard polycarbonate back to prevent damage from impact. The case is wide — a little too wide for my tastes — but in doing so creates a robust border that extends beyond the height of the phone itself, covering the screen in case of drops to the glass.

The inner lining is grooved and shock-absorbent, and the Galaxy S III sits comfortably inside it, unmoving.

Users have access to all the ports, while the volume rocker and power buttons are covered with nicely tactile rubber material with just the right amount of give. The white backing is made of some tough stuff, and I found it extremely scratch resistant.

The grey border around the phone’s perimeter is a bit thick for my liking, but that’s the only gripe I have with this case. It comes off easily, but stays put. It’s light but protective. It’s attractive without overshadowing the phone’s original design. It’s about as close to perfect as a protective case can get.

For more information, head to Cygnett. The company provides free shipping to Canada.

Highly Recommended


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    I bought the same design from Ebay for 5$ including shipping!!!! lol why would I pay more? the material is great !


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  • Josh

    Hello Daniel, how did you switch from TouchWiz UI to the Stock ICS UI? The Stock one looks so much better on S3…

  • Joe

    Anything is possible with root

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    Just download a launcher like apex or nova to make it look like stock without root. Or just root and custom Rom that sucker.

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  • TKG26

    I just got this one in yellow. Anyone want to buy a white otter box? 🙂

    SPIGEN SGP Galaxy S3 Neo Hybrid

  • Stuntman

    For people who don’t think that the SGS3 is big enough, they need something to make it feel even bigger in their hand. 🙂

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    Galaxy S3 is an ugly phone. No case will make it look pretty.

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    Gross case.

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    This case wasn’t listed on their website. Isn’t that just awesome?

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    what’s a good screen protector for this phone?

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    Since you think it is a little too wide for your taste, why don’t you give it away to me as part of a contest! 🙂 I like the look of it.