Snapseed for Android to launch soon?

Ian Hardy

October 5, 2012 9:50am

Google snatched up Nik Software, creators of the iOS app Snapseed, last month. They stated they’ll be focussing on “photography first” and working mostly on Google+ integration. Many people have speculated that the app, or its features, would eventually come to Android in some form, but both companies declined to comment. Thankfully Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Engineering at Google, took a lovely picture while flying over Baltimore stating “Beautiful sunset.” Certainly a nice pic, but there’s finer details revealing that Snapseed should be coming to Android soon, with the ability to share directly to Google+. If you take a peak at the at the timestamp it shows “Oct 3, 2012 (edited) – Snapseed – Public.” Hopefully we’ll see some additional details of Snapseed for Android emerge.

Source: Google+
Via: Engadget

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I dont get it, is that picture supposed to look good? Or is it some type of artistic expression? It looks like straight a*s, outright terrible. Why people use these garbage filters is beyond me. Why not just upload the original picture to google+. I would guarantee it looks 10x better than this filtered crap.

    • Alpha

      I agree with you. It’s grainy, colours are banded and off-tone.

      I suppose the instagram-generation doesn’t want realistic, they want artsy. Insert HUGE eye roll here.

  • David

    That’s unless Mr. Gundotra uses an iPhone! lol

  • ActivesiN

    Duh if you don’t use filters how can people know you are expressing yourself….

  • Pat

    You can shoot pictures, and send them with WhatsApp, so what is new here?