Red Samsung Galaxy S III dummy devices start arriving at Bell and Virgin stores

Ian Hardy

October 4, 2012 4:41pm

A few days ago we let you know that the red version of the Galaxy S III was headed to Bell on October 9th. The good news is that this is still on track and we can now also confirm that Virgin Mobile will also be graced with a new colour. Both carriers seem to be getting ready to sell as the dummy devices have tricked into retail locations. To reminisce, check out our full review of the GS III here.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • jack

    that is butt ugly

    • jack

      lol so many downvotes just cause ppl think i said the phone is ugly. the COLOR is ugly, i have an s3 myself in white tho. best color.

    • jonny

      We are downing because that color is sexy!

    • Jay

      Color is actually really nice, it’s the picture quality that’s ugly.

    • 1234APPLE


    • Canadian

      Still waiting for the Brown one..

    • OgtheDim

      Personally I’m going to thumb you down for spelling the world COLOUR wrong.

  • eshizzi

    Tried making a call on one. Didn’t work. #doh

    • eshizzi

      It’s a dummy phone, in case you missed that. #doubledoh

  • Peter

    I have white and THIS IS UGLY!

  • Me


  • Calvin

    this wall paper is for the while and Blue only~~
    please change it for the red one

  • Hinds2009

    That’s one nice looking phone! Its a nice phone red.

  • Cody

    Love the red and love the gray on the note 2, but hate the white and blue.

  • Jean-Paul Gallant

    I ain’t budging till the plaid one comes out.

    • 45

      That would actually be pretty cool.

  • Midg82

    Our store already has the real thing.

    Got three of em

  • fonehome

    Malibu Stacey has a new hat!


    absolutely beautiful

  • Olerius

    The cherry red is sweet! I’m very surprised Bell (of all carriers) beat Rogers to the punch with this one.

  • ??

    get a Nikon to take pictures and people will stop complaining
    I’m sure this is a nice red in real life…

  • Ron Mexico

    Dear Samsung, please keep your Red GS3 and kindly ship the Titanium Grey Note 2 and…

    Take my money!

    • Plan Shopper

      Ron, the best comment so far! I like the S3 but the Note 2 is my phone of choice.

      Vergin, grab some of the Bell phone version Note 2’s and make them yours. Then hook me up!

    • Plan Shopper

      *Virgin. Dang typos

  • MER1978

    I don’t understand why they can’t just make a phone and release fun replacement cases that cost like $15/$20… colour freedom please. 😀

  • purdy44

    Still waiting for Samsung to release the accompanying wireless charger and S Pebble MP3 player….

    • Kyle

      Where are our wicked S3 accesories??? I specifically gave up inductive charging with the Palm Pre (minus, plus, 2 – I had them all) to get inductive charging on the S3…

      We are now a month late for it… and literally NO word from them on the progress….

  • OGOD

    I Love my white S3, my gf said if the Pink special edition launch in Canada, she wanted to get the S3 too. But too bad its on in Korea.

  • pacalis

    Ah, inspired by nature. In this case a bloody steak.

  • J.T

    looks sweet. i am willing to sell my iphone for this. Apple is getting stale

  • Drone

    Butt ugly phone; where’s the Black one?

  • Adam

    Does anybody know why my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Rogers gets very warm on the back at the lower side?

  • ben

    Odd seeing a Red exclusive phone to the Blue company(Bell). Shouldn’t this have been a Rogers exclusive colour instead?