Qualcomm Vellamo benchmark updated with new interface, better HTML5 tests and x86 support

Daniel Bader

September 21, 2012 11:39am

Qualcomm’s Vellamo benchmark suite has long been one of the best ways to test out a new device. I’ve included it in our benchmark tests for various Android devices over the last year, as it does a great job testing both the CPU’s Javascript and computational abilities, as well as the graphical abilities of the latest Android phones.

Vellamo 2.0 launched yesterday from Qualcomm, and it’s a drastic retooling of the previous app. It uses, as much as is feasible, Google’s Holo guidelines, and is now one of the best ways to thoroughly test an Android device in every conceivable way.

New tests focus on HTML5 video, WebGL, and the speed at which the phone can load and reload graphics-intensive web pages over both cell networks and WiFi. There’s a new CPU test called Metal which uses industry-standard tests to churn the CPU to its fullest potential.

Download Vellamo for Android, and let us know your score. My test results from the Galaxy S III are after the break.

Source: Engadget

  • CW

    My SGS2 benchmarks higher than my HP Touchpad. This makes me sad. Apparently it *is* just a larger screen and battery.

  • GothKatt

    My HTC Raider LTE ((HTC-X710a)) scored 1145 putting me between Galaxy Nexus (4.1.1) and the Sonny Xperia ion (2.3.7)

  • n2burns

    My Nexus One is showing it’s age. 698

  • Gord

    Hmm, HTML5-603 METAL-302 for my Atrix.

  • monsterduc1000

    Not to shabby for a 2 year old Nexus(S) device on CM9. It scored between the Tab 10.1 and Flyer, and beat the Note 2.3.5 =)

    907 HTML5
    225 Metal

  • Jared

    Nice, Galaxy Nexus on 4.1.1 running ParanoidAndroid 2.13 and Franco kernal 264 beat out standard Nexus with:
    1418 HTML5
    413 Metal