Koodo Mobile testing LTE in Toronto and Orangeville, still no go live date

Ian Hardy

September 12, 2012 9:12am

Koodo Mobile, TELUS’ sub-brand, has never formally announced their intentions to go live with LTE service. On several occasions we’ve posted news about customers randomly getting access to LTE speeds, most recently in Aurora and Kingston, Ontario. We’ve been tipped once again that Koodo customers in both Orangeville and Toronto hace access to Koodo’s LTE network. No word from Koodo on when they expect to go live, or what their coverage map will be like. If anyone outside Ontario is picking up a Koodo LTE signal let us know in the comments.

The heat is on Koodo as their competitors have all launched or announced LTE service: Fido, Virgin, Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and SaskTel.

(Thanks Henry and Micah!)

  • superfly

    Nothing to test…..just making sure lte works in the koodo system. The lte system is not being tested, its already in place. Koodos system is being tested.

  • Ryan

    Come on Koodo what the hell are you waiting for? It’s just the telus network anyway.

    I’ve seen LTE work in hamilton area as well.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Koodo isn’t testing a damn thing. LTE already works wherever Telus already has it. This is really sloppy reporting.

    • Micah

      Well, except that it’s not. In Orangeville I’ve had it and not had it, I had it yesterday and now it’s gone. Clearly they haven’t just totally flicked the switch and walked away.

  • kungriffey

    I’ve LTE in Orangeville for the past 2 months no problem.

  • Jerry

    At the Apple event today, Apple outted them and said they would support LTE for the iPhone 5. So presumably, LTE is staying Sept 2012!

  • Tyler H

    what is the qualifying amount of speed needed to be classified as “LTE”?