Facebook for Android and iOS updated with big new features and speed improvements

Daniel Bader

August 23, 2012 2:04pm

Facebook for iOS and Android have been updated with some big new features. First, the Android app has added batch photo uploads (finally!) that brings it to feature parity with the iPhone app (though on Apple’s platform it’s a separate app). This allows users to upload multiple photos to the social network without having to tag or caption each one individually.

Users of the Android app can now create events on the handset itself, which has been a long-requested feature. You can also add photos and emoji to private messages between friends.

The iOS app has also been redone, launching much quicker and performing “twice as fast” according to Facebook. Photos load “instantly” and scrolling through the app is much, much smoother. We’ve been really impressed with the performance and stability on Facebook 5.0 for iOS. Updating in real time, the news feed will tell you when there’s a new entry with a little banner at the top of the screen.

Both apps perform much better than previous versions, and Facebook has done a great job ensuring that its 500+ million mobile users are not disappointed with the end results.

Download Facebook for Android and iOS.

  • Krisp

    Been getting errors all day on my GNexus. Guess I’ll stay on browser.

  • Dro

    I don’t see any speed improvement on Android. I think it was only a minor update for the Android version, unlike the iOS version.

  • Peter

    Just tried on both OS

    Good work

  • Android4Life

    I keep waiting for a truly native app from Facebook for Android. Why do we have to lag behind the inferior iOS platform? It’s like the don’t even care that we dominate marketshare. Marketshare=money, so why are we second class?

    Oh well, I use Google+ much more anyway.

    • 45

      G+? Really?

    • metoo

      No money in Android. Marketshare != money. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Rio

      Because it is easier writing 1 good app for 3 similar devices as compared to writing one for thousands of devices.

  • artfuldodger416

    SO many errors. Smoother performanace but over all, worse than the previous version.

  • Threecube

    Wish all my friends would switch to Google+

  • Draven

    Google+ is probably quicker because it only has 6 users…

    • Android4Life

      All my Facebook friends are on Google+. Granted that is only 7 people and 2 of them are my parents, but still, it works for me.

  • Kid.Canada

    About f*cking time Facebook!!!

  • Stuntman

    I guess they heard my rant about how I have to use FriendCaster Pro to upload multiple pictures at once.

  • Face Up

    That dog is ugly. The terrier is cute though.

  • Kid.Canada

    New Facebook iOS vs the old app is light night and day. Super smoothing speedy and a lot more stable and usable now. You’ve redeemed yourself Facebook!

  • AndroidUserBornInJune!


  • Kid.Canada

    Apperantly Apple’s autocorrect creates more errors rather than corrections judging from my previous post which I obviously didn’t proof read. Damit Apple!!

  • Steve

    I’m getting the same Facebook crashes on my Galaxy Nexus. 🙁

  • RIMistheBEST

    where is the update for the Blackberry phones?

  • joey

    Mine has been crashing all the time since the update. Not a good look so far.

  • Fred

    About time. Great improvement. But now I can’t see nor write comment sideways (keyboard being bigger and easier to write on)… so… wtf Zuckerberg?

  • Silence_Alarm

    Just please keep “timeline” off the mobile platforms.

  • dmerc62

    I upgraded this morning and ever since I’ve done the upgrade my Facebook app keeps crashing. I tried writing a message 5 times and every time I got the same crash message. I’ve had to uninstall the last update.

  • Bankruptcy of Mobilicity Proceeding

    Yes, that dog is very ugly. You’re right, the terrier is very cute!

    • Face Up

      Glad somebody else noticed how ugly that dog is! And again, the white Terrier looks cute.

    • Mobilicity Bankrupt

      Why show an ugly girl in your pic?

  • SBR

    This update has done nothing but crash Facebook 3 times in the last hour on my HTC One X. Hopefully Facebook fixes this soon.

  • inocent3

    Keeps freezing my phone!!

  • Neil

    Poor upgrade, once again FB will not shut down, very bad batter drain on a Nexus 7″ tablet and a Motorola Atrix phone. Sad sad sad, happens with every FB upgrade.