How are you liking your Galaxy S III?

Daniel Bader

August 22, 2012 4:04pm

It’s been a couple months since the launch of the Galaxy S III in Canada, and now that the hype has largely subsided, we’re curious what your lasting impression is of the device. For a refresher, check out our review.

How is it holding up in day-to-day use? The most popular Android device ever made is a big name to live up to, and many users were unsure of how Samsung was going to follow up its epic GS2 line with something bigger and better. Bigger, sort of. Better, definitely.

Just the 720p screen and LTE connectivity makes the Galaxy S III a huge upgrade over its predecessor, but the addition of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the proverbial icing on the cake.

About that software, though: Samsung has done a lot to convince us that its Nature UX version of TouchWIZ is the best thing since sliced bread. Are you using all the features we spouted off during the announcement? S Beam and SmartStay, Picture-in-picture and swipe-to-take-screenshot. How many times have you used S Voice since you bought the phone?

Mainly, are you happy with your purchase? How’s the battery life? Do you notice the PenTile matrix on the screen? What could be improved? Let us know in the comments.

  • WP74Life

    Way too expensive.
    I mean, it runs Android…

    • vn33

      Guess from your user name, we all know you won’t look at this objectively !

    • Ron Mexico

      You should call yourself troll4life

    • LTEest

      Interedting how 80% of the posts below LOVE the phone and HATE LTE and NFC.

      NA Operators actually forced Samsung to create a new variant for this cash cow, and even added more RAM and put s dual core instead of QUAD, to counter-act battery drain from LTE, but those things are OPERATOR DRIVEN, people don’t WANT/NEED LTE now, at least not if its more expensive and kills the battery!

      LTE and NFC is the “3D” of phones, the difference is that you get 3D in your new TV almost at no extra cost, with phones you pay in battery life! IMO if buying outright I would get the QUAD-international phone. A great phone nonetheless.
      With Stock ROM: kill LTE and NFC, freeze Samsung apps,add a new Kernel FAUX 009),and the phone will be a great phone!

      With other ROM: do the same from above and will get (

    • WP74Life

      Kinda sad that you have to modify it to work well.
      Imagine if android was making car!
      You: Man, this car is slow as hell. It doesn’t always start.
      XDA: Here man, for it to work like it should you must add a turbo, 2 intercooler, 45 spoilers, forged engine.
      You: But, I bought a new car, shouldn’t it be working stock?
      XDA: Welcome into the android world!

      Meanwhile all the WP user are running stock ferrari laughing their a*s off.

  • Sined

    I don’t own a Galaxy S III, but in the 2 weeks I got to try one out, I’d say of all the flagship devices it had the least to gain from Jelly Bean.

    But it’s still good to see it potentially get it in the very near future.

    It certainly is one of the most compelling smartphone choices of 2012, even with the impending launch of the next iPhone.

  • CDN5abi

    I love the device overall: great screen, good feel in the hands, good call quality. I wish the battery was better. It is so hit and miss. Some days it’s actually pretty reasonable. Other days, it is plain horrible. This is with similar use.

    • Mat

      For all of you who mention the battery life is hit and miss, I’ve read an article in the XDA forums where people were saying they installed CPUSleeper (Appstore) because one of the major cause of the hit and miss battery drains is the CPU failling to go into deep sleep. If you’ve ever noticed your phone being hot when you weren’t even using it then that’s a sign of exactly that issue. I’ve just installed the app on mine so I can’t testify to how much it’s improved my battery life but the whole thing made sense to me so I decided to try it. Good luck!

  • anelectricmind

    Loved it until I had to return it for a whole line of dead pixel at the bottom of the screen (after 31 days of use). Back to an LG Optimus One for now and I really miss my SGS3. Besides the planner, I am not really into the TouchWiz. But everyone I showed the phone to are impressed by the screen quality (when there are no dead pixels on it)

  • David

    Battery life’s diappointing. Other than that, the phone’s perfect. I guess only the i9300 gets good battery life. How’s everyone else’s i747 doing with battery? Any battery-saving tips?

    • Hugo B.

      Turn off LTE and stay in “AUTO HSPA” mode. This almost doubles the battery life (not quite, but it helps A LOT!)

    • Stephen

      Juice Defender Pro! Among other things turns Cellular Data off when on WiFi, turns WiFi off when you are on Celular Data, saves a bunch.

  • Jeff

    I dont have the S3 but I saw a guy at my work pulling out this device from his pockets, and this phone is ridiculously huge! Not saying its a bad phone though

  • peter

    Loving my wind s3 running cm10 nightlies at 1.9 GHz. 😉

    • Michael Aston

      Hmmn I’m considerung giving cyanogen a run, but is it really worth it?

  • Dizz

    Great device, but I still think it’s a little to big to hold. That’s my only beef

  • bob

    If you are into the whole Flashing custom roms thing, then this device is a dream. Millions of people spotting the thing, means more developers creating roms and mods.

    Personally, I disabled S Voice, as it doesn’t remotely listen to me half the time (plus it disables the home button lag, what little of it there really was).

    I do use the swipe-to-screenshot, S-Beam, Direct-call, Smart Alert, and Double tap to Top, regularily.

    Touchwiz isnt the fanciest looking, but there has been a lot of software put in that makes it worthwhile.

  • cdub

    Screen is solid, battery life is great, Camera is very good.

    I use Smart Stay and swipe for screen shot. S-Voice isn’t very good. Picture and Picture gets very little use (would be great if it worked with other video apps outside the gallery like You Tube).

    Need to get Google Wallet in Canada so we can really put NFC to use.

    My only complaint is I get the odd pause follow by a Google process not working error. Something I never had with the GS2. It’s not that common though.

  • Nelson

    I like mine a lot, but touchwiz drove me crazy. I’m running cyanogenmod 10 now and love it.

    • Nash

      Same here, CM10 nightly all the way. So fast and battery life is amazing. The stock OS is okay but I’m not a fan of touchwiz either.

  • Michael Aston

    My only and small complaint, the screen could be brighter in daylight… I’m sure there’s a fix. battery life on any smartphone is limited, the SII is pretty good, but why wouldn’t most just buy a spare battery? Astonishing how cheap or dopey folk are… It’s great device…and I’ve owned and used every new gadget there is…

  • emixam

    My battery life last me all day, screen is great, it’s super fast, it’s not too big cuz I still use it with 1 hand, I was a little scared about touchwiz coming from a vanilla Nexus S but it’s not that bad. I really love my SGS3

  • HB

    the s beam is a favorite feature love wireless beam to my Sammy tv when watching breaking bad
    I think this runs circles around iPhone
    camera modes are great. everyone who see this phone is impressed

  • Dalex

    I chose the One X instead, due to the display and build quality, but if I were to recommend a high end device to someone today, it would hands down be the GS3. Just like the GS2 was so much better optimized (compared to its counterparts at the time *cough* Sensation), so is the GS3. Touchwiz is quite ugly, but for someone that just wants a great out of the box experience, the GS3 is the best choice.

    Running Jellybean with CM10 on my One X though is a delight… The hardware is so beautiful, it deserves great software like that, and Sense is not it.

    For regular consumers though, the GS3 is the best smartphone in the world right now for sure.

  • Swago

    Works good, ill be rooting it soon.
    I have all the touch wiz stuff disabled and not a fan of samsung’s software in general.
    Once cyanogen gets stable jelly bean I will be jumping ship.

  • Stephen

    S Beam is the most useless thing ever. I was never planning on using it, but I wanted to try it once, and I couldn’t even transfer one picture to my friend’s Nexus 7 (it may not be compatible, but it gave the impression that it would work when it *rarely* identified that there was a Beam receptor against the battery).

    Ignoring the gimmick features, everything is perfect. I’m even using Samsung’s launcher because it’s actually good, and this is coming from running AOSP on my previous phone (hell has frozen over).

  • Azzo

    Love it. Use it alot and it does what I want it to do. Best smartphone of 2012 hands down.

  • Bruno

    I don’t own 1 yet, but I played around with it and it seems quick responses. I laugh when people say that the screen is too big. I own the samsung galaxy note and now it every other phone seems small.

  • Shawn Bruce

    I’ve had mine since day one of release. It’s a great phone and it’s hard to find anything wrong with it. TouchWiz isn’t my favorite but that could be due to me being use to vanilla Android so i’m using apex launcher and might try CM10. No issue with battery considering the use my phone gets everyday. If i had to pick at it the only issue i would have is from personal preference and i like the feel of textured back on the S2 better.

  • S2556

    Awesome phone all around. Survived my drops. awesome screen. I was getting 10 hours with a couple hours screen time on battery but now I can get 15 no problem and more if I try to milk it with new kernel. I am running kyan rom and faux kernel great set up!
    PEOPLE THAT ARE HAVING BAD BATTERY: There is a known bug that is happening to some people. if the bottom of your screen gets hot whileits in your pocket or something or are experiencing hot boots followed by bad battery drain google gsiff_daemon or search it in xda there are several threads about it going on

  • Kiri

    I Had the BB Collection Until Samsung Came with the S2.
    My GF Had Iphone From iPhone 3 to Iphone 4S.

    We both Bought S3 when it came out and we’re very happy with the phone. There are numerous features that makes this phone stand out on the top.

  • Hugo B.

    Physically the phone is awesome, great screen, decent battery life, FAST, good gaming performance, slim and feels really good in the hand.

    But the first thing you have to do is use Nova Launcher and loose Touchwiz… S-voice is a gimmick with no practical use (the dictation from Swiftkey is much more practical). Also loose the default calendar and SMS apps with “stock” versions available in the Play store…. All that without rooting = pretty decent almost stock experience.

    The default Samsung apps really suck to be honest.

    I’m pretty sure that once CM10 hits RC status, if Sammy hasn’t pushed JB, I’m jumping ship…

  • Hugo B.

    Oh, and LTE is a battery killer… I only turn it on when I REALLY REALLY need it because it drains power like it’s not even funny!

  • Chris

    Yeah, it is a bit big for sure, but I don’t complain when reading from it or watching video. Stock it’s pretty solid, battery could be a little better. With even a very stock custom ROM the battery jumps to excellent levels and the device is even faster.
    Truly the iphone killer. If you love iOS but want to switch, this is the device.

  • kungriffey

    Love my GS3. The camera is awesome, the display is amazing, and the UI is very fluid. Battery life is better than most android devices out there. LTE is blazing fast and goes hand in hand with my 6gb plan on Koodo. Also enjoying the 50gb DropBox storage I received with the device. It helps sync all my content from my PC to my phone.

  • KD

    As said above – without LTE, or running no data at all, the thing last forever on battery. I don’t use much of the S-apps, however I don’t mind S planner. I use Nova launcher with custom backgrounds and some fancy nova prime widgets, but otherwise pretty stock.

    I can never get the screenshot thing to work right though…

    • GoatDiesel

      Hey KD,

      To get the “swipe for screen shot” to work, I found using my right hand and swiping from the left of the screen to the right works 100% of the time. (Use the back of the hand under the pinky finger)

      Let me know if this worked for you.

  • Stuntman

    I was in a bind when I had to get a new phone on short notice due to a dying battery on my old HTC Desire Z. I chose the SGS3 over the One S only because the One S did not have enough storage and it was not expandable.

    Overall, I would say it is adequate. I was somewhat disappointed that there were a number of things that Sense could do that TouchWiz could not. Many of those things required me to spend some effort to find apps and stuff. After using the SGS3, I have a greater appreciate of HTC Sense. I would have gotten a One X if Bell offered it, but had to settle for the SGS3 since the One S was not adequate.

    I’ve had this for a month now, I intend to post a more detailed review of my feelings of the SGS3 later this month.

    • Guy C.-B.

      I SO agree with you ! I had a Desire Z for the last year (first smartphone of my life) and never really explored the phone. I bought the SG2 HD LTE and was so disappointed that I exchanged it for the SG3. I’m more satisfaied, still, I upload some fancy widgets to have a more similar look/theme like the HTC sense… HTC did understood what basic functions/apps an user need without going on the Playstore to “fill gaps” (like a good clock, a better calendar, an app for managing the LED light…).

  • Ray

    Hey everyone – love my phone! Was really upset for the first couple of days because of battery life, but then discovered that if I take off LTE, battery life was sooooo much better. As nice as the fast speed is, not a deal breaker for me – 4G is still fast enough for what I use the phone for.

  • Movingleader

    Loving my Telus version.
    Battery is good.
    Solid all-around.

  • lol

    its very nice. Best android device ive used to date by far (and ive used them all pretty much, most recently the one x). Like the only phone where i dont feel the need to flash custom roms and such as the stock experience by samsung is so great. The camera isnt that great though which is a shame. Now holding out to see what apple brings in september, if not sticking with this thing for the rest of the year.

  • DK

    By far the biggest surprise for me has been how much I use the camera. The ability to just tap-tap-tap to take burst shots and the amazing quality has made me leave my trusty LX3 at home 99% of the time.

    Other than that… disable LTE, disable all motion/voice controls, Apex launcher replaces TW, remove all Samsung apps – except the video player because I love the PiP – and it just blows every other phone out of the water as far as I’m concerned.

  • robin

    Don’t know why everyone is complying about the battery so much. Its great battery life compared to the past android phones..

    I wish u did have the option to use Googles music player tho the Samsung one blows. Its also a pain to delete apps.

    • Andy Warhol

      Just use poweramp as a music player. Best one out there (DoubleTwist is a popular alternative)

  • sam

    This is a fantastic phone, the best android phone I’ve owned. I have not used any of Samsung features as I think they gimmicky and not worth it. I’m waiting for CM10 to get stable enough so I can use it over touchwiz. Samsung still needs to learn a lot when it comes to software design and making the UI appealing. However their hardware is the best hands down!!

    P.S. the battery life on this thing is outstanding compared to my previous phones(nexus one, nexus s, and galaxy nexus)

  • MeMoi

    Had my S3 for a month, fully rooted, running sirius and fpse smoothly! S-voice sucks, but who cares, keep forgetting about the swipe but not important. Had an HTC and now Samsung, and the Sense or Touchwiz….meh, whoever notices a difference is nitpicking imho. I don’t notice any power drain, cuz i plug it in at night or when i am next to my laptop, so it rarely dies, even after tweeting, running sirius and gaming. PLUS I have a task killer that runs on crazy mode and kills everything unimportant when the screen goes off, so minimal battery drained for me.
    And I dont even think the phone is that big (almost, almost wish I had waited a few more months for the note 2, but naw this is good enough for now)

  • Vmark

    I love the S3. The battery charge life is better than the S2 but I am not a big game player so battery never was a big problem. I don’t see why those smartphone makers think that thinner is better. Make the damn things 3mm thicker and put in a decent battery and the complaints will disappear.

    I have the International quad4 version. It has no LTE but it’s so fast I see no need for it. Greatest phone I have seen.

  • Tatoes

    I had the international one since launch and it’s the only phone I have ever had that I had nothing to complain about and I have owned everything from the gs2, lumias 800, I phone 4s, and the one x. Impressive.

    My next phone will be a new windows phone 8 phone, probably nokia but I am keeping the GS3 for sure. First phone I ran into that is forcing me to have two phones. Sigh….

  • Jeff

    I’ve had the i9300 since release and its probably the best phone I’ve ever had (coming from a Nokia N8). I was a little wary at first due to the large size, but it does feel comfortable in hand. There is the occassional long reach with the thumb for one handed operation, but hasn’t been an issue. Build quality is great, there is a bit of creaking on the battery cover (the cover does have a lot of minute scratches as well) but should be cheap to replace.

    I only use Smart Stay and Direct Call. S Voice still needs a lot of work.

    Battery life is decent, probabably a good 16 hours I get out of the day before I need to charge. Camera also is very good too, but I wish there were a dedicated camera button though.

    Having accessibility to a huge app library is awesome, this phone basically does everything you can think of.

    The things I miss from my Nokia N8 are: the alarm clock functioning when the phone is powered off; Nokia Maps for true offline navigation in many different countries; and Xenon flash for pictures. Overall, there’s nothing to really complain about, its an all around solid phone

  • Ekul

    I’m enjoying it quite thoroughly. Once CM10 is more mature I’ll be making the switch. I loved CM7 on my Xperia X10 for almost two years.

    Battery life is like others have said, it can be fairly hit/miss. Some days it will last all day and then some. Other times it dies much more quickly, and usage isn’t much different. I’ll be getting a second/third battery soon and that will solve that issue. All that said, it still kicks the crap out of my old X10 as far as performance and battery life. LTE does seem to kill battery life a bit quicker than 4G. The main battery drains are tough to diagnose because they usually show up under battery usage as system processes. Hopefully CM10 will resolve this, because the battery life can sometimes be amazing.

    I really thought pentile was going to bother me (the older pentile displays made me want to claw my eyes out), but it really isn’t noticeable unless you’re holding the phone inches from your face. Color reproduction is fantastic and everything is sharp and obviously contrast is great. Outdoor viewing is pretty good, although I think brightness in that situation could be better.

    Auto brightness really sucks, it jumps from dim to bright and doesn’t seem to have much of a in-between. It would be nice if it was adjustable in some way to make it more/less sensitive.

    The paint used on this thing isn’t very robust. Along one of the bottom sides the blue paint is already coming off. Guess I’ll have to get a case for this thing. Oh well. I really like how the phone feels in the hand, and I’ll have to try and find a case that provides a similar feel.

    Still, overall it’s a great phone, but I’m pretty sure if the One X had a removable battery and allowed for sd cards I’d have got one of those instead.

  • OgtheDim

    Running it on WIND, so LTE killing of the battery not an issue. Losing about 10% an hour on regular use.
    Camera is very good – just used it for a professional purpose. Fast as stink, even on WIND. Big thing – people notice it. Like others, the standard stuff on it is not the best for what I need. e.g. downloaded Swiftkey3 within hours. Tried S Voice but it doesn’t seem like my husky accent.

    Great phone.

    And, being a clumsy oaf, I got an Otterbox commuter. With 5 direct 2 foot + drops onto the screen side already, very happy I bought that.

    Biggest beef is a simple one. The included ringtones are annoying and far too “new agey”, and this coming from a guy who “gets” new age. Give me something that sounds like an old style phone standard please. (Yes I downloaded something but shouldn’t have to)

    • T1MB0T

      No LTE? Oh yeah wind.. no surprise there. sorry bout your luck.

    • OgtheDim

      Hey TBot, how’s the troll game going?

  • prufrock

    I have had mine for about 3 weeks and I really like it.

    I used the camera a lot on vacation and am surprised by how good the pics are in general.

    Having had a taste of 20 down/13 up on LTE while in Toronto, it sure hurts going back down to 2 down/ 0.5 up back home.

    My only complaint is that my custom saved AP disappears when the phone shuts down (Telus phone used on Koodo network). I have no idea why it resets every time, even when saved, but it isn’t more than an irritation.

  • CLeaderwoo

    Hey can anyone tell me what Clock widget that is, I know I’ve seen it around somewhere but I just can’t remember what it’s called.

    Also how is the battery symbol in the notification bar like that, it looks great!

  • madeinmars

    Simply one of the best smartphone I have ever used!

  • kinwolf

    I’d still like to know what version of the GSIII you used for your review because we can see an FM radio app for it, but none of the carriers actually have FM enabled and it seems impossible to turn it on. I even emailed the author of the review and got no reply.(yes, I want FM on my GSIII :(

    • Hugo

      i think the only way to have your FM radio enable is to plugin the headphone…it serves as a FM receiver/transmitter

    • Tomatoes

      You need to use the headphones for FM. The FM antenna is in the wiring.

  • anona

    Love my S3, but it’s running CyanogenMod. I prefer the pure Google experience. Best device I have owned by far.

  • robot-shmobot

    After only a bit of deliberation, my girlfriend purchased the SGS3 a month ago. She LOVES it. I asked her how she felt about TouchWiz, and she said she likes it. I offered to put Cyanogenmod 9 (and eventually 10) on there, but she declined. She has, however replaced the TW launcher with Nova Launcher, and she uses Chrome.

    The one thing I notice about this phone, it is MASSIVE. Coming from my Nexus One (waiting for the next Nexus) it’s absolutely gigantic. She likes it though and that’s all that matters.

  • tehPr0fess0r

    Loving it, although the first thing I did was root it and unlock the boot loader. I tried Touchwiz for a couple days, but I’ve been running CM10 for a month now and wont be using anything else any time soon, so i cant really comment on the Samsung software

  • Cdnfreak

    Love my S3! battery life was 10 hours at best when I first got it. Put JuiceDefender on and I’m easily getting over 20 hours on moderate use! s voice isn’t bad, use it for finding music quickly and navigation. Works fairly well, except when there is a network error, which happens more frequently then I would like. Smart stay is nice although I’m not sure how accurate it is. screen still tends to go dim when I’m staring at it. Camera is excellent. All in all its a powerful phone and works like a phone should.

  • kris

    best smartphone.

    everything is good

  • Cal

    To those who actually overclock a device like this.

    It’s so pointless overclocking this device. Its fast as it is, I’m sure 5 nano seconds in your life is too important to give away to wait for something to load but for 99 percent of the people who own the phone won’t think its slow.

    • anona

      That’s like saying it’s pointless to go from single core to dual, or dual to quad. Are you enjoying your Pentium 3 CPU? I don’t know about you, but the i7 makes a world of difference.

      The 3-5 additional frames I get on N64oid from the additional overclock are well worth it, it makes a big difference. It’s not about speed for you, it’s the speed for the resource heavy aplications.

  • Matt Kim

    Simply Turn off the Data and Tacitle Feedback when you are not using it and set auto-brightness enabled. It will last you over 2 days, It’s no brainier.

  • Vic Singh

    This devise is perfect in every way, natural feel in the hand with beautiful colors, fast with the dual core processor, and the list goes on.

    I had the previous 2 generation of the Galaxy phones and I’m really impress with what Samsung had die done with this phone.

    I can’t wait for Jelly Bean. Someone get the ball rolling with Bell

  • Drizzy


  • shamu

    I love it and most importantly, my customers love it. No returns. No grief. Nice job about some more demos for us front line people?!! People are walking into our store asking for it and quite regularly there is only one live phone to use for multiple customers. We need more

  • Anon1

    It’s great

  • Rick

    I like everything except for the crappy battery life, and the soft back key and menu key are too sensitive.

  • karim

    i want to buy but many peoples selling Samsung Galaxy 3 in kijijii why?

  • ExcessDan

    still giving me a boner. only issues i’m having is that the wireless radio sometimes acts up and needs a reboot. by that i mean GPS issues i endomondo and switching back from an area with no signal and never getting signal again without a reboot. also lacking the FM radio kind of pisses me off and the driving mode button not doing anything. other than that it is an excellent phone.

    • ExcessDan

      also my battery lasts me all day even with multiple endomondo sessions and that’s all i can ask for.

  • Alex

    Sold after one week used.
    Battery life is a big turn down.

  • Darren

    Love that clock widget, what is it?

  • Anthony Riddle

    I am absolutely loving my Verizon Galaxy S III. I cannot think of one single complaint about the device. It’s big and the screen is amazing. If anyone is worried about the penile display then they need not worry anymore because at the 720p resolution there is no way humanly possible to tell with the naked eye. Images and text are crystal clear with absolutely no jagged edges. The colors definately “pop” but they aren’t quite as overwhelmingly over saturated as they have been on the past Galaxy devices. I think Samsung has finally found their sweet spot between brightness and color saturation. There is no better screen on the market, and yes I have compared it to the One X.
    I am also loving the new Nature UX skin. It is light years beyond any other version of Touchwiz that I’ve experienced, and all the added features make it a very enjoyable experience. The motion gestures are really useful and I find myself using them on a daily basis. I really like the tilt to zoom, direct call, and swipe to capture the most and as soon as I can train myself to use the other features instead of the “old fashioned” way then I will be using them more as well.
    I am also an avid gamer and can tell you that this phone can take on any game on the market with absolutely no lag at all. The graphics are sharp and there isn’t any lag or screen tearing whatsoever. This may not be a gaming specific phone but you cannot tell by playing them. The gpu in this phone holds its own with any other device on the market.
    Samsung has definately hit the nail on the head with making a seemingly perfect phone. They have spared no expense in the design or hardware and the software is “spot on”. If you have ever considered buying an android or a Samsung phone then this is the one you’ll be wanting to get. It is perfection in every sense of the word.

  • cliff

    Now this is an article worth commenting on.
    I’m a 1st time android user with a bell galaxy s3.
    AlwAys loved the corporate provided blackberry due to battery life and took a HUGE risk on this high powered superpower. I LOVE the battery on the s3. 1.5 days on battery. The trick is set your carrier to NOT use LTE until you need it. Can’t wait for jelly bean! Never use the beam, voice,etc. I love the phone for the phone itself. Only downsides are touchscreen suck for texting while driving and I wished apple and Samsung can get along for the end users sake. This shape of the phone is too “metro” I wish it looked and felt like the s2 !!!

    • Jordan

      You shouldn’t be texting while driving you ignorant twit

  • TKG26

    over a month now. still loving it, but i really do miss my htc sense….. had telus dropped these two phones at the very same time i think i would have go with the htc one x… maybe.. probably….

    Phone is fast and i love it.. touch wiz will grow on me im sure.. i just miss some of the great features of sense.

  • AppleStockHolder

    The S3 will be irrelevant in a month. It will then be all about the iPhone 5!

    • Much Ski

      haha yeah right, the Samsung Galaxy S2 that came out 5 months before iPhone 4S and was still better. Apple will be playing catch up with maybe a 4 inch screen in store which will still feel too tiny and maybe LTE…dont hold your breath.

      Personally my GS3 has the power, battery life, looks, screen, removable storage and battery to hold off any perceived threat from Apple. They would actually have to innovate and not rely on smoke and mirrors and litigations if they have a prayer at challenging the current smartphone champ the GS3!

  • mark

    I wished that I had one.

  • Osama

    One X has a much nicer screen, super AMOLED is better for graphics, but LCD is better for images… super ALMOLED makes images look cartoonish… I saw this on the Samsung Glide as well…

    I also want a sony quality camera, the Samsung S had a horrible camera compared to my X10, but now Sony is selling their cameras to Samsung…Sony is a sinking ship, bailing their technology for best offer…

  • paul

    I love my S3 there are a few things that don’t work great like s voice but amazing screen especially the size. I had an Iphone and was sick the control from apple, so android its self is refreshing itself. The phone has a nice feel to hold which was important for me as that is what I liked about my Iphone. It would be nice to see some of the accessories that they showed at launch. over all a 8 out 10.

  • Fartknocker

    Got one on Virgin Mobile a few weeks ago. Really like the big screen but for the most part not liking the battery life. With LTE on my phone is dead shortly after lunch, which sort of defeats the purpose of having it for me. I like most of the touch wiz tweaks but for some reason smart stay doesn’t work for me most of the time. I love the navigation, and I know this is gonna get me about 75 thumbs down, but I still think iOS is slightly better sorted than Android. Hoping to see improvements in Jelly Bean, hopefully in the near future.

  • pacalis

    Love it. There’s a tendancy to want to turn all it’s features on, like LTE, but LTE is a huge drain on the battery.

    Heavy use of the camera (i.e. taking a few videos) drains the battery even more than LTE thought.

  • firefight16

    Well after my first one died in about 10 days, the phone lost its cell signal when signal was week thus not giving me service at home or work. Second one now a mionth old is doing well. Best screeen by far, and best OS. Not impressed with handover from LTE as it seems to hang and you loose data for awhile. The S Voice seems to only find US locations and I still can’t seem to figure out why?

  • iOS

    what’s a samsung galaxy SIII? there are other phones besides iphone?? 😉

  • Sebastien Grenier

    I love my SGS3. I must admit that I’ve the i9300 so it’s a little different than our canadian version.

    But WOW, everything is perfect! Like most of people I don’t use S voice gimmick, but Smart Stay is a must. I really like Direct Call and Swipe Screenshot too.

    I could have live without rooting/Moding/flashing the phone if I really want, that’s how good it is!

    But CM10 is too appealing :-)

    Really great Phone!

    BTW I have compare the SGS3 internationnal with our Canadian Version, and the Canadian version is snapier when it comes to navigate in Touchwiz!

  • Scooter

    I liked it so much that I traded it back in after two weeks for an HTC One-X! The radios are terrible in the SIII. Poor WiFi and cellular network stability and range. Constantly dropped calls on marginal cell strength. Made me crazy. My old HTC Desire was much better so I tried the new One-X and haven’t looked back.

  • Mark

    Had phone just over a month and woke up one morning to a brick!! Been waiting for over 2 weeks and still not got phone back!! Did like when was working!! Now just lost and sad! :(

  • kayn

    I’m very happy with it.

    – First and foremost, this is a smartphone that actually has great call quality. And yes, I still use my phone as a phone.
    – The screen size and quality are amazing – although, at times, it doesn’t seem as bright as my S2.
    – Battery life is pretty good since I get a little more than a day out of light/moderate use and eek out a full day, or just about, with heavier use.
    – The camera is easily the best smartphone camera I’ve come across.
    – Features like Smart Alert, Double-tap to top, Direct Call, swipe-to-screenshot, Allshare, and Smart Stay have become must-haves. S-Voice is terrible and should definitely be ditched for stock Google Actions. PIP is useless since it doesn’t support third party video apps.
    – NFC is a gimmick until the tech proliferates, although WiFi Direct is awesome and saved so much time transferring stuff from my S2.
    – TouchWiz was ditched almost immediately for third party launchers because of minor but incredibly annoying issues (like the process required to make app folders). Although, I’ve yet to find a really good third party launcher and one that supports all of my widgets – currently running NOVA Launcher.

    All in all, this is pretty easily the best phone I’ve ever used. And even having decided to buy it outright I would consider it a worthwhile upgrade from my unlocked GT-I9100 S2.

  • davidm

    The basic hardware is not bad, it feels good and is efficient, but it’s too symmetrical, especially in dark colours you can’t tell at a glance which way is up.

    Battery life is not fantastic, though it’s ok for casual use you’ll still have the beady eye looking for an outlet. I would have sacrificed a bit more heft for more battery life.

    The screen does not get bright enough for sunlight use.

    Many aspects of design are obviously simple copies of iPhone; I’m not totally against that, since there should be common use languages, but sometimes it’s aped not very intelligently.

    There are lots of buggy programs and silly inconsistencies. Alarm clock won’t let you select no times, and why does a modern app need save / cancel buttons? It’s a flow of state. The sound recorder is just stupid looking and jarring. The calendar, such an important function, is just awful. A lot of special Samsung features like tapping the screen or lifting to face don’t work consistently, so they are nearly useless.

    I’m hoping I can install a vanilla-as-possible Android install, though I like some Samsung features like home screen shortcuts it doesn’t really seem Samsung has the drive to do the whole system well so I’d rather not commit to their proprietary ideas (in fact a lot of it seems like a patent land grab).

    The camera is not really impressive for this generation of device. It is not a faithful memory and vision augmentation.

    I only got the SIII cause my last device was flaky. I don’t really feel that Samsung can make a good computing buddy today, it all feels very tentative.

    • Alex

      Root that SIII.
      Use the Market to find apps you like.
      Try the Google Calendar.

      I wish for the day that OEMs stop trying to differentiate with software and get the hardware just right.
      Or at least offer a Vanilla switch.

  • Steve Dion

    I am what you call a heavy user, I have 2 exchange accounts and 2 gmail accounts, talk about 120minutes per day (on and off) and have many many apps (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc…) all syncing. Battery life is awful ( i need to change battery by noon on most days). I find the UI cumbersome (i perfer Sense) and find the phone lags oftentimes. I miss my One X.

  • @kwongie

    Used this phone for two weeks on wind

    +Great Screen
    +Easy and Comfortableness to hold (Contours the fingers for a nice grip unlike the iphone 4 which digs into your fingers)
    +Call Quality
    +Camera Performance Quality Superb

    -Battery Life wasn’t amazing. (but i admit was probably because of dell voice running the background)
    -S Voice (terrible recognition, slow to respond needs a heartbeat or two to think about the request)
    -Light Sensor, I have the Screen on auto brightness, whenever i move from indoor to sunlight, it takes too long for the sensor to transition to a higher brightness, often i have to do it manually which happens to be faster then waiting for the sensor to make the adjustment)

    Overall Nicely Designed phone.

  • Paula

    BIG change from my BB Bold…not as easy to customize as wont turn on as alarm clock if turned off at night(major dislike for me)I even called Samsung when it didn’t come on in the morning first day! Notification tones are very difficult to add/change from what comes installed. Screen is nice and big but not easy to see when outside. Typing on touch screen is not so easy and I have small hands…Camera is a jump up tho and display of pictures is easier to navigate through. Battery is ok if you dont use it too much. Actually this is the second phone in a month. Future Shop has an awesome extended warranty plan that I am so happy I got, the first S3 was having all kinds of issues so it went back and the new one came home, so its taken awhile to “feel the love” for this new phone and OS. Guess I have to be patient but Im trying! :)

  • Jesus Rendon

    Battery sucks horribly :(

  • Mat

    Try the CPUSleeper App guys if you are having dissapointing batt performance!!! I’m not spamming or trying to get my app out there as I have nothing to do with this app (just trying to help out) It has been known to help with battery drains due to CPUs not going into deep sleep as it is a common issue on some Samsung devices. Hopefully it buys you a few hours!!! The article I found this tip from claimed the phone went from an average 10-12 hrs to about 20hrs batt life.

  • Kam

    From the picture above, does anyone know:

    1. How to replace the existing battery indicator with the “battery circle” above?

    2. Which clock widget is that?


  • Tim

    Love it. Excellent battery life. It last me literraly the whole day of usage most of the time. One things that I have yet to see people mentioning (maybe it is just be) that is even more amazing is the battery recharge rate. It seems to me that it recharge the battery faster than any other phone that I owned before (including Galaxy SII). No concrete number. Maybe next time I’ll try to calculate that.

  • WAP

    A pain to setup Exchange.

  • Dustin

    Best phone I’ve ever owned.

    Good: Screen size, weight, thickness, feel, speed, camera, LTE, gorilla glass 2 (does not smudge) overall user experience.

    Needs improvement: Battery life (lasts about 8hrs), screen brightness (can’t see a thing if you’re outside), speaker (if the exact mic isn’t directly in your ear and moves even the slightest bit you can’t hear the caller).

    Biggest +: LTE. I benchmark at 35mbps which is double the speed of my wired home high speed on my full sized computer. It has all but completely replaced my comp and tablet.

  • Edge

    I have it since mid July, and it’s awesome.

    Makes my previous Nokia N8 feel ancient.

    I could not recommend a phone more strongly.

  • Kolton

    I came from a iPhone 4 that was stolen, then went to a used HTC Desire and realized how much more I liked android compared to my jailbroken iPhone 4 but, I was however wanting the Galaxy S3 prier to my purchase of the HTC Desire. The phone is probably the best phone I’ve used to date, its flawless, I actually like touchwiz but I do you apex launcher sometimes. Once cynagenmod comes out of the nightly stage I might even put CM10 on it!

  • Adam

    i love it! i have owned 3GS, 9700, ip4, 9780, 9900, 4S, gnex n now this and this phone is my favorite so far.
    i dont use s voice or many other nature ux stuff but i like the ripple on lock screen and swipe to screen shot.
    the screen is great, battery is ok a bit above 4S. i never get errors and i have had it since the week it was released.
    i was a ipone jailbreaker and i still havent rooted or unlocked bootloader phone does everything i could want it to even above JB iphone
    amazing phone love it

  • lifestream87

    I’ve got no complainst with the phone really other than I don’t like the Touchwiz interface. I don’t like white text on black background.

  • Tony

    I’ve been a long time user/supporter of BlackBerry and I’ve owned many of their devices over the last 8 years. I’ve owned my S3 for about a week now…and I absolutely love this phone. still getting used to the keypad and size but over all I love everything about this phone. Battery life could be improved on but still a great piece of tech!

  • Andubhai

    Next to impossible to get your music and playlists especially transferred to phone. Kies sucks bad as it doesnt transfer the playlists when it moves music over via USB. No 3rd party apps suport the MTP protocol (that i’ve found) so only way to do this was via the “air sync” service on DoubleTwist (other air sync may also work). My grief with this is that all of my music is on a desktop computer connected with a network cable rather than wireless. I had a chat session with Samsung support on this topic and they only knew that Kies existed and had no knowledge beyond that.

  • Logikcnot

    only problem i am having with mine is that sometimes the notification noise for text stops playing half way through.