LG Optimus L3 coming to Fido

Ian Hardy

August 14, 2012 7:41am

Bell and Virgin have the LG Optimus L5. Rogers and Fido scored the LG Optimus L7, and according to our sources Fido will also launch the Optimus L3. We have no word on prices, or a clear release date, but it will be sometime in the Q3 period – probably for the back-to-school crowd.

The L3 has a similar design style to the L5 and L7, but dramatically scaled down in specs. You can expect this to come in well under the $300 outright price. The L3 has a display of 3.2-inches (240 x 320), 800 MHz processor, Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread, 1500 mAh battery, 3.15 MP camera, and weighs in at 110 grams.

We’ll have more info on this release soon.
(Thanks tipster!)

  • Mike

    Wow, 3 year old specs selling for $300. One step forwards two steps back.

  • John Lee

    Gingerbread? Are you kidding?

  • Sir

    And once more, people failed to understand what an entry level phone is.

    • NienorGT

      For the same price, Fido is already selling the LG L7 with slightly better specs and ICS stock. (it still a very bad phone tho) So this make no sense!

      Koodo have the Galaxy S 2X for the same price and the One V for $175…
      In comparison, both have ICS onboard, the One V is better than this crap for almost half the price and the GS2X totally obliterate it at the same price.

      If one’s stuck to Fido, well, the Xperia U is at the same price and come with a 1GHz DC and is upgradable to ICS.

      There’s NO reasons to get that LG crap…

    • jack

      Yeah but….its an LG :/

  • TP

    This for $300?
    Or Koodo SG2X for $300 – $100 GC?
    Or Mobilicity GN for $300 (though it’s extremely difficult to get one at that price)?

  • josef

    LG Is s***s.
    They will never give their customers updates.

  • josef

    I bought the LG Optimus G2X from Wind mobile, LG didn’t released updates as they promised and the phone is still running froyo 2.2

    I am not willing to spend about 1/3 of my life for updates through xda…

    Never again LG products

  • relevant84

    Tell me where the article says “this will be $300.”. It doesn’t. It says you can expect it to come in under $300. You guys need to read the articles, not skim them.

  • juneboy

    why does lg keep released phones???

  • I don’t get it..

    What’s the point of this phone, the specs are incredibly weak and it’s LG! you better believe that this phone will never get updated…

    • 45

      I imagine it’ll be an entry level phone that does not require anything other than Fido’s standard plans.

  • jack

    No!! We don’t want it. Take it back.