Gmail for Android updated with full Nexus 7 support

Daniel Bader

August 2, 2012 10:38am

Even though the Nexus 7 shipped with Google’s native Gmail client, which was drastically improved in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it wasn’t optimized for the screen space. In the latest update, Google has rectified the problem and has outfitted the app with many little niceties that make working in Gmail even better on the 7-inch 1280×800 tablet.

One area, however, in which Google seems to be missing the boat is the ability to zoom in and out of emails. We’ve been asking for this feature for years and for whatever reason — patent-related or otherwise — Google has been silent on this matter. Even without that feature, it’s still the best email experience on mobile.

There are a few added bug fixes to go along with the improved 7-inch tablet support, so hit up Google Play to download the update.

  • Timlinson

    does this support bb10?

    • Andy Warhol

      oh shut up already. is that supposed to be funny or something? i’m so sick of a random bb10 stab on every article. should be one of the banned terms for non-bb related articles.

  • WP74Life

    -Don’t forget to tighten the screws.
    -These white spots are really great, for that price.
    -Your nexus 7 have charging problems ?
    -App not responding… Task killer, why ?

    Enough for today, peace out.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Kaiten email or Enhanced email both make Gmail look dopey 😀