Instapaper for Android sales up 600% post Nexus 7 launch, has still sold under 10,000 copies

Daniel Bader

July 30, 2012 9:45am

Instapaper for Android was an experiment to see whether one of iOS’ most popular apps could be translated to Google’s mobile OS and become financially viable as a long-term project. Created by Mobelux, it didn’t (and still doesn’t) have the polish, the feature set or the community support that has made the iOS version a must-buy for anyone with an iPad.

The Nexus 7, however, is a success story in its own right, causing sales of Instapaper for Android to rise 600% in the days following the tablet’s launch. Now, don’t let that number morph your expectations of how many copies the app sold; Google’s tally still pegs it at below 10,000 overall. But considering until a couple weeks ago it had sold just over 1,000, Mobelux should be pretty happy with the results.

The Nexus 7 comes with a $25 credit to the Play Store, so it makes sense that users would have used that money to purchase tablet-optimized apps such as Instapaper. Google has been good about creating curated sections for tablet apps in hopes that users will buy them and encourage more developers to get on board.

If you haven’t already, check out Instapaper for Android for $3.08CAD.

Via: TheNextWeb

  • metoo

    $2.99 is apparently just too much.

  • Jordan Hill

    I’ll stick to flipboard.

    • John

      Clearly you don’t know what Instapaper is…next time do your homework before you comment.

  • Mike

    Pocket is still offering a superior Android app, and it’s free. Add on top of that the fact that Instapaper’s author talks trash about the platform at every opportunity and I don’t see why anyone in the Android community would be excited about this app.

  • Simian

    I rather support something like Pocket that doesn’t come with attached to the BS attitude of the developer.

  • LEKO

    Why pay for InstaPaper when I’m very satisfied with Pocket (Read It Later)?

    What’s Instapaper killer feature?

  • {JPM}

    Bought read it later for 10 cents during teh slae, and now it’s free.

    What’s the point of spending $3 on this?

  • Ryan

    “Created by Mobelux, it didn’t (and still doesn’t) have the polish, the feature set”

    This, right here, is the problem with iOS developers and the Android market. Putting out a half-assed version of your awesome iOS app for Android as an “experiment” to see if it’s worth pursuing is a self defeating project. People aren’t going to buy it if you make it a piece of crap. I mean, duh.

  • RiverCitySlim

    If they put any effort into their app maybe I would buy it. until then I will stick with Pocket (Read It Later) which is a great app.