Apple increases its global tablet market share to 68%

Daniel Bader

July 26, 2012 10:11am

The iPad accounted for 68% of global tablet market share in the second calendar quarter, up from 62% three months earlier. This was likely because of the heavily discounted iPad 2 and the tepid success of many Android tablets.

According to Strategy Analytics, a research group covering tablet sales, there were approximately 25 million tablets shipped worldwide in the second quarter. Apple announced in its Q3 earnings that it sold 17 million iPads in the April-June time period, which would seem to jibe with SA’s 68% figure. Tablet shipments rose 67% year over year, which means that despite a saturating market, Apple has cemented its name as the global tablet leader.

SA’s Peter King said, “Demand for tablets among consumer, business and education users remains relatively healthy. Apple shipped a robust 17.0 million iPads worldwide and maintained its strong market leadership with 68 percent share during the second quarter of 2012. Apple continued to shrug off the much-hyped threat from Android and the iPad’s global tablet share is at its highest level since Q3 2010.”

Android currently has a 29% market share, which is unchanged from this time last year. That is a good thing for total Android tablet sales — they’re up by half to 7.3 million units — but it speaks volumes about “the others,” namely the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad.

The Nexus 7, Google’s newly-released $200 7-inch tablet, will likely do good things for Google’s name in the tablet space, and with Amazon expected to announce both a 7- and 10-inch tablet in the coming months, things are looking good for the platform despite Apple’s dominance.

Source: BGR

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  • slinky

    android fanbois are mad lol. jerk it harder fanbois

    • kroms

      Really ?

      ASK you Iphone or Ipad for directions to any location here in Canada and see what happens.
      LMAO .

      NO PROBLEMS for my Galaxy Nexus or older Moto ZOOM on Jelly bean.
      Yep , they just work and work nicely…can’t say the same for you poor saps (Isheep users) though.
      Just because it has an APPLE on it you people think it is best without doing your research.

      Oh well you get what you pay for.

    • metoo

      If you get what you pay for then apparently Android users are getting nothing or nothing of value. Android users are either not buying tablets or waiting until firesale prices. So, you logic says they are getting nothing or getting ghetto products.

      I suppose you are correct. Android is nothing if not ghetto.

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    • BB King

      @ Slinky – You’re a tool!

  • metoo

    Android tablets would do much better if their hardcore fans were willing to spend money. I guess getting a job would help first. The Nexus and Kindle Fire work for that market segment, but is only sustainable if those same people will spend money on apps, media and other content which is a risky assumption.

    • BB

      @metoo you make no sense. why do you believe that android users are broke? And for someone who is doing so well why do you take shots at the less fortunate??? @otherside has a good point mobile syrup didn’t mention that apple didn’t meet there expectations. They still did well, but you can see the hype for iphones/ipad are not as strong. You can say people are waiting for the iphone5, but lets be serious lots of users are going to android now.

    • metoo

      @BB there is one reason and one reason only that Amazon and Google had to come out with the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 at the price points that they did: Android users won’t spend money on Android tablets. It’s really that simple. If this was not the case, LG would still be in the tablet space and the cheapo tablets wouldn’t be the only Android selling. Even Samsung, doing so well with phones cannot make a dent in that market. Why? Because Samsung phones are sold subsidized. Their tablets aren’t for the most part, so they don’t sell.

    • BB

      @metoo. To sum up what you are saying, android/blackberry have no choice but to sell tablets for cheaper rates because they need to gain market share. It would be literally impossible for anyone to charge the same prices as apple. Android has a new user base so technically you are comparing apples to oranges. I could understand if android was around long enough to say they have a loyal fan base, but they are still new and trying to gain market share. Still doesn’t explain why you always make it seem like they are broke and jobless/uneducated? Really has nothing to do with your argument.

    • BB

      I don’t even know how you can say android isn’t making a dent in the market. I’m not even an android user and i can see that. I’m sure most apple users can see that as well or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I’m a blackberry guy, but I give credit to all platforms. Apple has a nice looking product, but be honest…do you ever think you over paid for what you bought? I am not taking a shot, but pound for pound does your iphone really beat blackberry and android based on price and productivity?

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    Why not 70? lol

    • astudent

      I didn’t read the article properly, my bad, Ignore my comment!

  • briggs

    At this point, I wouldn’t even consider the Amazon tablet series to be Android. It may have android roots, but they’ve modified the code so heavily that it’s barely recognizable.

    Maybe the nexus 7 will help out google, but it still won’t help where it matters, their bottom line.

  • BB

    things will change and it doesn’t really matter who has the biggest tablet market as the real money is in smartphones. Apple would have the largest share since they have been out the longest…well at least quality tablets. just because you have money to spend doesn’t mean you worked for it…such thing called visa and would love to see the stats on apple products purchased by parents of kids.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    The nexus will shift a bit the proportions, but it will take some time.

    BTW Mr Bader, how exactly the iPad 2 “heavily” discounted? Heavily discounted for me means 50% rebate and over.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Nothing new here folks!

    The apple success train be rolling and taking out all the competitors!!

    ALLLL ABOAARDD!! chooo choo!!


    • BB

      thanks krom you just made my day. I can search for a stallion if you like…hahahah… i guess you do get what you pay for. Android cheaper pricing but quality, apple overpriced logo

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    “According to Strategy Analytics”

    Like these companies know WTF is really going on!

    I love these articles.

    • metoo

      They know no one is buying Android tablets except the rent-to-own, layaway crown looking for firesale prices.

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    How come no reports on despite having high sales, Apple did not meet quarterly expectations and their stock dropped yesterday?

    • metoo

      These stories were everywhere two days ago. Time to climb out of the basement and get some air my friend.

  • TheOtherSide

    Didn’t see anyone posting it here, buddy. Just posting the other side of the story. Thanks for the advice; how’s your basement?

  • Mark

    People that own apple products are rich, because they pay more.

    You know, guy with MacBook Air, All versions of the Iphone, All versions of Ipad, All versions of the ipod… at starbucks, rides a stolen bike to work, a stick thin hispter that can’t afford a decent meal because all money earned goes to apple.

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    That is another reason that idonkeys like to wear spandex. That changes everything … again!