Rdio for Android update brings better search results, more attractive UI

Daniel Bader

July 19, 2012 5:15pm

Rdio for Android was already one of the best-looking and most-functional apps for the platform, but today’s update makes it significantly better. While it hasn’t received a UI overhaul like it did a few months ago, certain elements of the app have been redesigned to look better and make finding music easier.

As someone who checks for new music every Tuesday, the New Releases page is one of the most important places for me to visit in the app. It has been revamped with large, grid-based album art, allowing you to scroll through the myriad new albums released every week. Extended results have been made more robust, so when you search for an artist you get multiple albums, top songs, playlists in which he or she is featured, and more.

There have also been some bug fixes and superficial improvements that you may not realize because the app just works. The Android version of Rdio was never quite as stable or reliable as its iOS counterpart, so it’s nice to see the team working to correct this imbalance.

Rdio costs $9.99/month for mobile access, and can be downloaded from Google Play.

  • haxor99

    Only 9.99 a month! What a deal!

  • Sean

    I only used Rdio because when you get a Telus phone you get 6 free months and in the 6 months i have had it it has had a lot of UI changes to it… they cant seem to stick with one

  • Bug

    My rdio app will stop playing music and i have to stop the service and the app to restart the playback. Sometime even if i have the music offline, i will stop playing when i lose internet connection. Hope they fixed these in this build

    GNexus 4.1.1

  • Shaggyskunk

    Why on earth would anyone pay $9.99 per month, when you can get exfm & TuneIn for free, on top of that both are far better!