Official statement from TELUS on the now “suspended” HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade

Ian Hardy

July 19, 2012 6:24pm

Last week TELUS updated their “Device OS Upgrade schedule” and informed HTC Desire HD users that the upgrade to OS 4.0 was unfortunately cancelled “due to poor device performance during testing.” Certainly not the best news and we reached out to both TELUS and HTC for the reason why.

While we’re still waiting from an official statement from HTC Canada (we’ve been in contact all week but they are finalizing their message), TELUS stated in an email to us that “the decision to suspend the software for this device was made by HTC, not TELUS.” In addition, specifically surrounding the “device performance during testing,” TELUS noted that “the software was not suspended due to its incompatibility with TELUS software or applications.” Finally, “if HTC should take this upgrade out of a suspended status, TELUS will follow normal process to ensure that the software is released to our customers.”

Again, we’re still waiting on an official declaration from HTC, but perhaps a sign that Canadian HTC Desire HD users will be graced with OS 4.0 is that it’s changed from cancelled to “suspended.”

Hopefully HTC Canada will have an update soon…

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  • Hub

    These phone vendors don’t make you want to buy another one of the same brand after. This phone is very close to the Nexus One that Google already abandonned a while ago for some reason.

    • Sean

      The Nexus One didn’t get ICS because the phone had like 100mb of storage on it and they were unable to fit ICS on the device

    • Mike

      Do you want to install Windows 7 on your 386?

  • Joseph

    I really hope it gets it… I don’t see why it wouldnt.

  • Andy

    *waits for custom ICS rom to be released and the device run flawlessly*

    • The Other Dave

      It’s called Ice Cold Sandwich and it’s available through xda-developers forums.

  • George

    let’s play the blame game until customer forgets what happen

    • Ron Mexico

      Or buys the updated version 😉

  • Mischa

    Do you want to know why the more powerful htc desire HD can’t run ics and my little xperia Ray can …

    I’ll give you a hint it is large fluffy and starts with a s and ends with a ense

    Your right it is sense you win the prize

    Why can’t htc just give users sense 4 it runs on the htc one v and the desire c both of which have slower processors and equal or less ram

    • Ron Mexico

      Want Sense 4? Buy a new device. All OEM’s are the same, release 1 major update, then you have to buy a new device for the next version.

      Nexus or bust

  • lirodon

    Uhh no, the HTC Desire was based off the Nexus One. This is the Desire HD – same lineage, but quite different.

  • Krom

    AND THAT folks is why you should always buy ORIGINAL Google Nexus branded phones !

    Oh well. my 2+ yr old Nexus S as my Samsung Galaxy Nexus are both already on Jelly Bean ! and loving it.

  • Peacenik

    I am glad I don’t have to deal with this stuff with my iPhome.

  • Collin

    That phone sucks anyways, go spend a few hundred on the google store and get yourself a galaxy nexus running jellybean!!!

    Fastest phone for that price range!

  • muhamad

    HTC should think what customer want..HTC desire hd is a great smartphone but it cant upgrade to ics..what the sad..i really hope that desire hd should able to upgrade to ics..please make us happy HTC..we support HTC technology..