Video: Nexus 7, Ninjas and UFC champ Georges St-Pierre

Ian Hardy

July 11, 2012 12:43pm

Google is back again and so is Canadian-based director Patrick Boivin to create another stop-animation video of Ninjas hammering around a Nexus. This idea was first introduced when the Nexus S was launched, then back for round 2 with the Galaxy Nexus, and now tripled with the Nexus 7 tablet. This time they’ve added UFC champ Georges St-Pierre for a bit more hurt. The full video of all the action is below.

Source: YouTube
Via: Twitter

  • briggs

    I’m at a loss for words. That video was just so…so…

    …no, seriously, what just happened?

    • merkur

      GSP is washed up and old.


  • gurtej08

    Nice GSP GSP

  • Pierce

    Hehe look it’s GSP vs. Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit and BJ Penn

  • Thas

    Got to admit, that was kind of entertaining. Never thought I’d see GSP like that(especially at the beginning).

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Hey Georges, How’s about working on that ACL injury. I’m tired of watching one-sided Silva fights.

    • Roger

      He posted on his FB that he’s recovered.

  • Tyler


  • haxor99

    Fun but cheeeeeeeeeeze

  • jellmoo

    A really fun bit of marketing. Instead of going with the same tired trends of a pure tech showcase, this showed a little flair and pizzazz.

    I doubt it will do much to push any Nexus 7 units, but it could make the rounds and get people thinking about it.

  • TKG26

    Les Quebecois should like?

  • Colin Pastuch

    This was bloody brilliant.

  • EddieWinslow

    Where Can I get a Dr. Paul T-shirt?

  • animal instinct

    WOW. i just crapped myself. great advertising and soo creative. lmao. this is bloody brilliant.

  • AhCup

    Another Ninja’s Unboxing video means another Nexus Device shipped. All things point to tomorrow is the shipping day for Nexus 7 … in the US…

  • RIM

    how come geogre dosent review the RIM 9900 beter screen & bbm to

    • Ron Mexico

      Probably because you “RIM” people can’t even spell his name right

  • havy

    Video looks great on my iPad’s 10″ retina display.

  • Yesenia

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  • Andy Warhol

    Yesenia, I don’t see the post from Debra that you are referring to. Perhaps you should continue your conversation back at your bullsh!t website and let the “RIM RIP” trolls continue to deface on every MS post on their own.

  • meass

    wow i didn’t know van damn had a son