Chatr launches the MOTOGO! Flip for $75

Ian Hardy

July 7, 2012 10:41am

Rogers discount brand Chatr Wireless is still humming along. They’ve released the MOTOGO! Flip, and called it “The Flip.” As expected, it’s a flip phone and screams early 90’s. This retails for $75 and is an “ideal on-the-go companion” that “fits easily in your pocket and lets you see messages and incoming callers without even opening the phone.”

Don’t expect a review from us, but be sure that you can make calls and text. The specs of the MOTOGO Flip have it with a 2MP, 1.7-inch display with a resolution of 128 x 160, 4 hours of talk-time and weighs in at 99 grams.

Source: Chatr

  • josh

    f*ck chatr….

  • Harry


  • Patrick

    Welcome to 2002!

  • Louis R.

    Nothing wrong with launching a barebones device like this IMO.

    Pricing it at 75$ is what’s wrong…

    But hey, it’s got a micro USB charger 😛

  • marion

    ” Don’t expect a review from us”….I don’t think we want one

    • Jim Shorts

      For the young ones out there that flock mobilesyrup daily:

      There is a whole generation out there called the baby boomers in which this is geared towards. Not everyone wants to carry a mini tablet and try to figure out how to use it as a phone. They want something simple and sturdy. This fits the bill.

      Tough crowd.

  • Terry

    Giveaway of this phone please!

  • MARiO Batelloni

    im guessing its a slow day for you guys eh?

    • Sub-Joker

      It’s a weekend…. do you expect them to work 7 days a week for the whole year??
      seriously, how immature the ppl commenting here.

    • EvanKr

      Yes, but the mobile news doesn’t stop. They don’t stop broadcasting the CBC news on the weekend, they just get a different anchor willing to work weekend hours so that Peter gets some time off.

  • OgtheDim

    The first firm to come out with a Nirvana Flip phone is going to get soooo much money out of nostalgic 35 year olds.

  • Bob

    I wish they would’ve released the Gleam+ instead, it looks WAY better!

  • coxon

    Can’t wait to get this device. Chatr + Motorola flip phone=marriage made in heaven.
    luv u chatr xx

  • gsg

    I was looking forward to a review, I’ll take my buisness elsewhere

  • EvanKr

    128 x 160? Holy shnikes, Batman! Gee whiz! The future is now!

  • ActivesiN

    Can it play angry birds?!

    • coco

      you can when u throw the phone to some pigs

  • kickstart



    this phone runs BB10 like a champ

  • Adam

    Decent basic phone. However, I hope it’s a typo for “4 hours of talk-time”, if not, then I take back my previous statement.

  • Hoooot

    Hadn’t apple come out with the iPhone, we would still use phones like these.

  • KC

    By early 90’s I’m sure you mean early 2000’s because this looks nothing like a Zack Morris Phone but does resemble the Moto’s of the 2002 – 2006 period…

    But hey, not everyone needs a smart phone and there is still demand for basic flip style phones.

  • EH

    Review on call quality and durability (Stress Test)

    I mean chat-r is all voice, so can it last for over 9 hours of calls? If I drop this while running, will it break?

  • Blaise Petric

    is this some kind of July Fools prank or is this actual news?

  • Generation OneX

    This is such a sick phone I’m gonna list my one x on kijiji so I can afford to UP grade to the MOTO rolllah on the fantabulous CHAT rrrrr network

  • Cell Hell

    If Telus customer service was a phone it would be this one. Only a broken version.