Samsung begins international rollout of Galaxy Tab ICS updates

Daniel Bader

July 4, 2012 12:07pm

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was a pretty popular Android tablet last summer, and Samsung has been promising to update it, and a number of other tablets in the same family, to Ice Cream Sandwich for many months now. Though the rollout has only begun in Austria, Samsung says it will be coming to all parts of the world over the coming weeks.

Specifically, the below WiFi-enabled Canadian tablets are included in the rollout to Android 4.0.4:

Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI (GT-P6210)
Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI (GT-P7510)

Rogers released the Galaxy Tab 10.1+3G (GT-P7500) and Bell released the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE (GT-i957), and will likely supervise the rollout of those Android 4.0 updates with the help of Samsung. Bell claimed previously that the update would be available in June, but it has been pushed back to July now.

So, you Galaxy Tab owners languishing in Honeycomb, are you excited for your tablet to be given a new lease on life?

Via: SamMobile

  • The Other Dave

    While I’m happy that it’s finally rolling out to the public, I’ve been using various ports for a while. It’s a great update and now there will be drivers for the camera!

  • Tom

    Great to hear that the carriers are not holding up the rollout to the Wi-Fi only version.

    When I got this tablet I found that the rest of the world had 3.2, but mine only had 3.1 and the update to 3.2 was not available.

    The person I spoke to at Samsung T/S did not appear to have any idea what a tablet was, and the best I was able to tell (after wasting too much time) was that the carriers’ had been able to block the rollout of the update even for Wi-Fi only versions.

    Amazing how they can take a beautiful piece of hardware and a good piece of software, and utterly destroy the user experience.

  • Val

    It’s about time! Let’s see how long it takes to actually get it…

    Been fooling around with custom ROMs but there always seems to be a little something mising. Good to have an official release… like the Jelly Bean I have on my Galaxy Nexus (Sweeeeeet)

  • Mr Roboto

    I’m not seeing any update yet 🙁

    • je

      Are you in Austria?

  • Beer Baron

    I have the Robbers 3G one, i am guessing i should get an update sometime around December.

    Still waiting for the 4.04 on my Robbers (non yakju) G-Nex.

    • Jeff

      Same here, it’s pretty damn annoying. And I don’t want to root it, I got a Nexus because it was SUPPOSED to get updates when Google released them.

  • Mike

    What about TELUS????

  • Jimmer

    So when will they update it to Jellybean? Next summer?

  • kman

    Great news… I’m running AOKP build 32 now but its quite buggy… and the later builds seem to be even less stable.

    Looking forward to getting an official kernel/camera/wifi capability.

    … Then again, I’ll probably cave and start fiddling with custom Jellybean ROMS once they come out.

    • Ghayoor

      By the way i use the galaxy tab in my car as a GPS its awmeose and way more portable. But the main thing for me is that it has a real built in phone witch i use with a bluetooth, and it fits in my pocket. Whats the point of a tablet if its not portable ? Could as well get a net book or laptop that does 10 times more.

  • DenDen

    Been running CM9 nightlies for a while now, there is no going back for me. I can’t wait for them to get those camera drivers loaded though.

  • Alex Long

    Hopefully Rogers won’t hold it back this time like they did to the poor LG Optimus Pad. Or i am just gonna flash to a non-brand one through XDA.

  • Puleen Patel

    Lets hope that those of us who were lucky enough to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 I/O edition last year at Google I/O also get an ICS update.

    It says that GT-P7510 is part of the update, but haven’t seen anyone confirm that they have received the update.

  • wewewi

    Looks like no one cared to read the text from the SAMMOBILE source, not even the Dan;

    The rollout has begun only for the Galaxy Tab 7.7

    Dont panic.

  • Ru

    I don’t get it, why not release it once for the whole world? Why does it take so much time? I guess their datacenters are too weak…

  • DaveA

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI (GT-P7510)

    No update, no joy and Samsung support just told me no updates.

    Not happy. If ICS does exist for the P7510, then why haven’t I seen it?

    While Samsung makes good HW, I can’t say much for their SW. Lots of bugs in 3.2 I was hoping to see fixes in and never have.