Firefox for Android gets updated, has a new user interface and now supports Flash

Ian Hardy

June 26, 2012 12:05pm

Mozilla promised an update to the Firefox for Android app this week, stating that it’ll be “fast, smart, and safe.” Today the app has been updated, now at version 14.0, and is compatible with OS 2.2 or higher. Mozilla notes that “it’s fast, easy to use and customizable.” The change log says that you’ll see a new start page, a complete overall UI change, and now supports Flash and “significant performance advancements.”

Grab it here from Google Play

  • juschilin

    Google – now your turn to enable support for flash in chrome. Hurry up already…

  • AK

    So, continuing from last week’s post, can I say ” I told you so”?

  • Xing Xu

    is this supported on blackberry?

  • Matt

    What does this mean for RIM?

  • Joe

    Just for what it’s worth in the Canadian mobile space: a significant portion of the development of this version of Firefox was done at Mozilla’s Toronto office!


    this app is also available for BB10

    unfortunantly BB10 comes out summer 2015

    • Patrick

      no need of this update as Playbook alredy support flash 🙂

  • Apple

    @Xing Xu &@Matt

    eye no no da engrush, eye no no haw 2 say apple or android so me no BB. y u people come here?

  • S2556

    How do they add flash support when chrome wasn’t able to?

  • Rebellion

    Unfortunately it’s only for phones, it is not available for my Transformer TF-101.

  • Patrick

    Not for my Xoom 🙁

    • AK

      it was released before they could add the support for tablets, in the next version it should work OR you could just download the nightly build and it should work

  • XS

    Is there a difference between this version and the Firefox beta? I’ve tried beta and didn’t like it, too buggy. When I tried to watch video on flash supported player it always signed me out of Skype.

    • AK

      Both the stable and the beta versions now have been updated. Try it out, it should be wayyyyy better and smoother :). Just update the beta and it should be good.

  • Howard

    Can you request desktop versions of sites?

    • iloverice

      That is a planned feature if not already in the development builds (ie. Aurora or Nightly) I believe.

  • KingK

    Very nice.