Eastlink redesigns stores, now launching wireless service “later this year”

Ian Hardy

June 18, 2012 12:20pm

Eastlink is in full scale rebranding mode – they recently revealed their new logo and completely redesigned their website. It’s simple and to the point. Today, Eastlink has taken another step in preparing themselves for their next phase as they’ve unveiled their new stores. The stores are located in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and are spacious and “designed to promote a warm, inviting and family-friendly atmosphere,” that includes a “home theatre-like setting” and a kid’s zone. In addition, Eastlink notes that the new store concept gives a “highly interactive, hands-on experience of all the company’s products and services.”

The company is planning to launch their “world-class wireless network” in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island soon (3G 1700/2100), but unfortunately there’s still no word on a confirmed launch date. It was first revealed that they plan on going live “mid-2012,” but the press release this morning pointed towards sometime “later this year.” It’s also expected that Eastlink will bundle all their products together – TV, Internet, Home Phone – which would possibly help reduce the monthly wireless price plans.

Lee Bragg, CEO of Eastlink, said “Soon, our customers will be able to enjoy that same experience with our wireless products, which we expect will be very popular bundled with our existing products and services.”

Source: Eastlink

  • Alex Perrier

    WOO HOO! Please charge less than Vidéotron!

    • Daniel AJ

      Please charge less than Koodo. 🙂

  • John

    Too bad they can’t come to Toronto, competition is always good!

    • ns.dev

      Ummm Mobilicity and Wind. Toronto can’t have all the carriers.

  • uhho

    so AWS . then no iphone 4 or 4s .

  • Credgett

    I did a survey last week that they sent me and it asked my interest in a wireless network that would launch later in the year. It was a student focused survey which led me to believe that it would be launching late summer or early fall.

    WIth Wind coming to NS sometime this year we might have some cheap cell phone plans to take advantage of!

  • heylisten

    wow, 4 years after buying the spectrum. Any chance of this company going LTE only? That would be sweet.

  • Gerry Pond

    Please come to New Brunswick !!!

  • Daniel AJ

    What is it that takes them so long? They should have started 2 years ago the latest.

    Well, they didn’t. So I thought they would start last week as all the students headed back to Halifax and lots of them where shopping cell phone contracts. But nothing.