Asus to bundle BlueStacks Android virtualization app in Windows PCs this year

Daniel Bader

June 4, 2012 9:36pm

Turns out that there will be no Android/Windows 8 dual-booting tablets in the cards for Asus this year. That teaser the company released last week was referring to a much more subtle (and certainly more cost-effective) solution, the bundling of BlueStacks Android app player in all future Asus PCs.

The integration will come as Microsoft aims to launch its Windows Store in all Windows 8 PCs; Asus and BlueStacks provide access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps in fullscreen windows, and though many of them are not optimized for large displays, it is a fairly elegant solution to a big problem.

BlueStacks will be bundled into Asus’ @vibe portal, the company’s entertainment hub. Access to the full range of apps will be free for six months, and will cost an unspecified amount after that date. The app will be downloadable via asus@vibe starting today, and will be bundled into Windows 7 and 8 machines starting in September.

We took a look at BlueStacks when it reached beta, and it is a fantastic solution to a problem many didn’t know they had.


  • cody

    Upset we didn’t see a dual booting tablet, but loving the Taichi.

  • schultzter

    I tried BlueStacks and thought it was pretty cool at first. But I quickly ran into bugs and quirks.

    The best solution would be a ‘native’ app-player for Windows, iOS, and Linux so that Android apps could become widgets on those platforms.

    Running the apps in BlueStacks is like running on a VM on your computer – only when absolutely necessary, and to avoided as much as possible!

  • HwyXingFrog

    Yeah, I thought that AIO video was a bunch of BS. I was thinking “Can’t BlueStacks already do something like this”.

    Oh well, to each their own.

    I’m way more interested in what is coming for Sub-$200 tablets this year. Hopefully it takes a big dent in Apple’s sales of the iPod touch and iPad.