Video: Two-minutes of the HTC One X being used as a hammer

Ian Hardy

May 31, 2012 5:44am

In previous years the trend to test the durability of a device was to conduct a “drop test.” This literally involved dropping whatever device you’re reviewing and consciously dropping it from about 6 feet, then witnessing the repercussions. We’ve conducted a few of these, but now the latest idea is to take a gorgeous smartphone and use it as a hammer. A couple weeks back the Nokia Lumia 900 fell victim, now it’s the unibody designed HTC One X. The quality of the video is not the best, either is my Russian, but the One X certainly takes a beating. Check out the video below of the One X and its Gorilla Glass display getting nailed.

Source: PhoneArena


    I’m crying inside




  • vengefulspirit99

    My heart stopped

    • Theywillbepissed

      What the hell is he doing!!!!!! He’s going to wreck that beautiful piece of wood with those cheap quality nails! Bastard!!!!

  • David Geller

    I can see how this will be useful on the construction site! lol

  • Josh


  • no

    yea you better put it on the box you wouldn’t want it going through the wood and damaging your table. lol

  • morry

    now do this with an iphone….

  • Serguei

    Its not Russian language what they speak….;)

  • Ace

    Is this the same glass as the Samsung III that was announced yesterday?

  • Henaway

    Wow. That is both incredibly stupid and thoroughly impressive, all at once!

  • ShadowFist23

    I still want to see one of these done while the phone is doing a video call.

  • Massonite

    Would like to see a close up of the screen afterwards showing any damage on it.

  • EvanKr

    Meanwhile my tablet gets one 2 foot drop and the glass shatters.

  • Ilgar

    I wanted to buy a hummer, now I know what to do.

  • Wahid

    my chest still hurts.

  • ticksg

    This is very impressive but I do believe these type of blunt, straight-on tests are somewhat redundant. What does interest me are tests showing when a fine gravel-like substance is rubbed against the screen (like what would happen if the phone is inserted into a dirty pocket) and see what happens to the screen. That invariably causes the screen to be marked up awfully. One cannot expect Gorilla glass 1 or 2 to protect against this but hopefully this type of damage will, with later versions, be minimized or avoided.

  • Frederic

    I droped my One X yesterday (3 feet drop) and now it’s plastic suffer from deep scratch and a part of the screen it’s missing in the lower left corner. But it’s still working fine.
    Today received my silicone case. I wish i had received it 2 days ago :'(

  • Brent M

    Now that we know we can use the phone as a hammer, can we hammer a nail into it?