Sony Xperia S upgrade to ICS now coming “during latter part of Q2”

Ian Hardy

May 22, 2012 1:16pm

Here’s some slightly disappointing news for Xperia S owners. Remember last week when Sony stated on their company blog that “Xperia S is planned to get ICS somewhere around late May/early June. That’s what’s been said and that’s still what we’re sticking to. Any other dates (such as “June/July”) is just speculation.” Well, it looks like the speculation was actually correct info. Apparently confusion set in and they “mixed things up” between the 2011 Xperia smartphones and the Sony Xperia S. Sony now communicates that “Xperia S will get it during latter part of Q2.”

Sony does mention they are “really sorry for this.” So it looks like we’re back to the “Late June” for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Source: Sony
Via: PocketNow

  • js

    It’s disappointing this device did not launch with ICS but this type of delay really isn’t a big deal considering the level quality and user experience Sony’s Android devices deliver.

  • scazz

    Still waiting on Xperia Play 4.0

  • Dalex

    It’s a bit disheartening. I flashed ICS on my friend’s Xperia arc yesterday. Can’t imagine the software is any different…

    This update stuff is kinda lame, but I will cut Sony a bit of slack since they do contribute a lot to android coding and have recently been diligent in updating all of their devices unlike Motorola.

  • Inc

    Any ways to flash ics on a locked bootloader on arc?

  • leabset

    please kindly inform me when ics is available for Sony xperia s