Video: Google traces an email’s trajectory in “The Story of Send”

Daniel Bader

May 16, 2012 5:01pm

Google’s never been one to shy away from cute, whimsical stories —  see this Rube Goldberg ad for Chrome as an example — and its latest creation is called “The Story of Send.” The interactive web page, created in HTML5, traces the trajectory of an email from your Gmail account through their back-end routers all the way to your recipient.

It’s an interesting and fun look at something we do every day but may know very little about.

Check it out as part of Google Green, a new web page dedicated to showing off the company’s ecologically-sound endeavours. Video below.

Source: Google
Via: Daring Fireball

  • trojjanhorse

    Google does everything better

  • Omega

    Google does everything better.

  • Brandon

    Kind of went from email sending, to security, to energy consumption. I know where it goes after the server, but wow what a turn

  • lookiehere

    I would trust google to be the ruler of the world.

    • Stimulator

      You mean they aren’t already? 😉

  • Mischa Price

    and this all happens in less than 10 seconds