MTS reports Q1 2012 results: Data revenue surges, subscriber base increases 1% to total 488,571

Ian Hardy

May 10, 2012 8:17am

Manitoba-based MTS has announced their Q1 2012 results this morning. They too have increased subscriber numbers. Wireless revenue increased $5.8 million to $89.9 million, representing a growth of 6.9%. This surge was slightly attributed to data as it saw a whopping 45.1% increase in revenue, thus taking data ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) up 5.4% to $18.09. MTS stated in their press release that “48% of all postpaid wireless subscribers had data plans” and that postpaid subscribers now total 391,997 (up 4% from last year). Total wireless subs is now 488,571, up 1% from Q1 2011.

Looking forward to “later in 2012” is the deployment of their LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. This is “expected to drive continued strong demand for wireless data services” and will be available first in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Source: MTS

  • PkaTka

    who the hell is mts?

  • rickythai

    never heard of this company

    • Mark

      Manitoba-only carrier.

  • blocknards


  • Nick

    for the record if a companies revenues increased from $5.8 Million to $89.9 million that would be a growth of 1,550%… right?

    • Bryce Shelton

      Implies that the previous revenue figure was $84.1 million.

  • Jacquio

    Cool. Maybe they can use this new revenue to get some newer phones. Better yet, they might be able to let in-store employees deal with billing issues rather than doing that by phone only.

  • EvanKr

    PLEASE let LTE bring phones that aren’t either incredibly outdated, or iPhones. MTS’ most recent phone is the 4s, followed by BB7 devices. Their only Droid offerings are some low end devices from 2009 or 2010.

  • Aiden Cho

    The layout of the stores seems like the old style Bell retailers.

  • CoryB

    Just imagine the growth they could have if they didn’t charge a $30/month ECF fee and offered something than iPhones and Blackberries on the handset side of things.