HTC One V dummy devices trickle into Bell, prepares itself for May 3rd launch

Ian Hardy

April 27, 2012 5:17pm

Everything is in place for the upcoming release of the HTC One V. Gone are the days of poor specs at a low cost, at least for this entry level device. The One V will run Android OS 4.0, come with HTC’s new Sense 4.0 and Beats Audio, plus has the famous unibody design from the Hero days. This will be available on May 3rd for about $300 outright and the dummy devices have now made it into Bell locations…

Other notable specs of the One V are that it’ll sport a 3.7-inch display (480 x 800), 5MP camera that shoots 720p HD videos, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Wi-Fi. This ICS powered Android will also be heading to TELUS and Koodo.

(Thanks Tipster!)

  • TheywillbepisSes

    Considering bell’s cheapest plan is $30 with no data, i dont think it will sell well

  • Plav


  • hinds

    Its a nice device to buy outright,unlock and the unibody design.

  • goose

    that bezel is in iphone territory for size

  • Mike

    Does the chin make holding the phone sideways uncomfortable?

  • no

    The Chin completely ruins it for me lol.

  • trojjanhorse

    The HTC Hero looked better :s

  • jepoy

    One S please!!

    • ToniCipriani

      Need something big to compensate for something?

  • Nikos

    It’s pretty much the HTC Legend but a bit thinner

    • Nikos

      Body wise anyway

  • more mah

    That chin is a dealbreaker 4 me. Fail.

  • Gian Verster

    Prepaid it now ma belle

  • jon_d0e1

    i want to buy this on launch.. will there be any lineups? should i just preorder? hopefully they have enough stock for the demand.

    • anonymous2

      I don’t you if you’re kidding but no, there won’t be lineups

  • Francis

    Looks very good for the price ! 😉