Health Protection Agency: Mobile phones are safe to use, “no solid evidence of health effects”

Ian Hardy

April 26, 2012 4:17pm

The Health Protection Agency has reported their finding on independently looking at the “substantial amount of research” on the impact of using wireless devices and its exposure to radiofrequency (RF) on us humans. According to their report there’s “no convincing evidence that mobile phone technologies cause adverse effects on human health.” So no brain tumours, cancer, headaches, memory loss or attention deficit disorder.

Certainly good news, but comes with some warning. The HPA is still saying that the mobile industry is relatively new, only really been in existence for 15 years, and we should “continue to monitor the evidence” and be cautious when using a device.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, Chairman of the Group, said “There are still limitations to the published research that preclude a definitive judgment, but the evidence overall has not demonstrated any adverse effects on human health from exposure to radiofrequency fields below internationally accepted guideline levels.”

Keep on talking people…

Source: Health Protection Agency
Via: PhoneArena

  • Francis

    Good thing !

  • idontlikespammers

    This will do nothing to silence luddites. This has never been about health, it’s about people being afraid of change.


    If you have an iPhone you will have a serious issue with your health.

    but if you are an android user no health problem at all

  • more mah

    Who funds this agency? The device makers and carriers? I use a Bluetooth headset just to be on the safe side and keep the phone at arms length while on a call.

    • kevinc

      The “Health Protection Agency” is a government agency, a division of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. It’s funded by British taxpayers.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    I wish the cute girl in the photo was calling me. Sad Ted is sad.

    • Patrick Serrano

      damn I was about to say that too! lol 🙁

    • Another CADD person

      The girl is more likely to have health complications after being hit by a car she didn’t see because she was distracted while texting on her phone.

    • Zombie Ted Rogers

      Already with the dislikes? Easy fellas. The girl in the white top, not the red.

  • Big 3

    They are just totally bought by the Big 3

  • more mah

    The one in the red is a phat ho

  • Jim Shorts

    No solid evidence means we don’t know. I noticed no one talks about the SAR values when marketing or reviewing phones which is a shame.

    It would be interesting if there are any phones sold in NA that are above acceptable international SAR levels.

    Btw, gsmarena mentions SAR numbers in the phone specs.

  • ace


  • Rich

    Same as yesterday, move on.

  • drone

    Love the comments sometimes on these articles 😀