Skydrive 2.0 released for Windows Phone just in time for desktop app rollout

Daniel Bader

April 23, 2012 4:09pm

Microsoft is taking its cloud storage app Skydrive to a new place today — the desktop — but in order to do so it had to flesh out its existing Windows Phone mobile app. Skydrive 2.0 launched over the weekend, expanding its functionality to coincide with some backend changes Microsoft has made for easier link sharing.

More importantly, the app has been beautified, making it easy to look through folders of images, documents and music. You can set permissions for files and folders from within the app, too, a long-requested feature for Office collaborators.

Download Skydrive 2.0 for Windows Phone.

  • Braumin

    Microsoft is also changing the free storage from 25GB to 7GB. If you are a current Skydrive user, you can use their loyalty program to get the 25GB for free again. Just log into your Skydrive soon, and there will be a link at the top to set your drive size.

  • Crocography

    It is their desktop app which now makes it easy to use. It is about freaking time.

  • Jean-Michel

    I really like the way this is done.