Rogers Sony Xperia S is now available on hardware upgrade

Ian Hardy

April 21, 2012 10:10am

Sony release the Xperia S in Canada last Tuesday for $499.99 outright, or $99.99 on a 3-year term with Rogers. At the time this 3-year price was only available to new customers, but for those Rogers customers who are eligible for a hardware upgrade you can now go forth and grab this Android. On Twitter, Sony stated that “The Xperia S is now available for hardware upgrades, exclusively at the Sony Store.” In addition, the Xperia S has also popped up in the Rogers internal systems so it might even find its way out of the Sony Store and into Rogers locations.

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Source: Sony
Via: Twitter
(Thanks tipster for the pic!)

  • Xer

    Why is Sony not selling the phone outright and unlocked? If Apple can sell their iPhone unlocked, Sony should be able to! I really don’t like a phone a tie to a specific carrier! At 499.99, it is a good choice to buy it outright… But the phone is locked to Rogers! I hope when Samsung is having their own store in Canada, they will sell their Galaxy phone outright and unlocked. Rogers is the biggest piece of junk!

    • SFAN

      They are selling it outright and unlocked at the Sony store.

    • multicool20

      Yea I know, it sucks to have it not unlocked.
      I talked with an employee about it and they said that Sony has some kinda of contract with Rogers so it has to be locked.

      I was honestly so hopeful about getting an unlocked Xperia S at the Sony Store. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere now.

    • Casey Callaghan

      You do realize that with any phone other than the iPhone that you can buy an unlock code online for cheap and it never comes off as with a jailbroken unlock for an iPhone? It’s not much of a hinderance for this phone if it’s not sold unlocked as it’s simple and cheap to do it yourself.

  • Johnathan

    The lack of hardware upgrade option made my decisionto get the HTC one x even easier. It’s a shame rogers and Sony botched this launch so badly.

  • Cyber

    No! I asked already. Even you buy it outright, it is still locked to Rogers!

  • thew

    Nice, i went from holding one in my hand to being put on a long waiting list. This will force me to wait to see the specs on the new S3 so no self control required by me!

  • thew

    Just went in again and the hardware upgrade doesn’t start till sometime next month

    • Micheal

      I went in this morning and did the hardware upgrade. The staff didn’t believe me when I asked for it (both on the phone last night and in person this morning) but I told them to try it and see what would happen and they did and it worked. Rogers Hardware Upgrade eligibility rules have changed since I dealt with them last though. Fee-free upgrades only happen after 30 months instead of 24 with a $15-20 fee per month before you are eligible (Early Upgrade Fee). The system also had troubles when they tried to see me a microSIM to go with the phone, but I just modified my old SIM at home and it works just fine (results may vary).

  • again!

    Just went in again and the hardware upgrade doesn’t start till sometime next month

    • John Z

      What are you talking about? I called Sony store at Yorkdale & Eatons center & they both can do it.. I just went & did it at the eaton center & i got the last one. I suggest you get the info right next time…

  • elcubanito

    And that folks is why I avoid Rogers like a plague

  • Mario

    Sony have issues here in Montreal with the upgrade, so I wait for the SG3 specs.