Snapseed 1.4 for iOS adds Retina support for iPad, awesome new features

Daniel Bader

April 19, 2012 3:06pm

Snapseed has, for a while, been the unsung hero of iOS photo editing. It existed long before Apple announced its own iPhoto product with the launch of the new iPad, and has been quietly adding features to its growing retinue of touch-friendly photo tweaks and improvements.

Version 1.4, released today, adds Retina Display support for the new iPad so the interface appears as sharp as the high-resolution images itself. The new edition adds an “Open in…” dialog so, once your photo is sufficiently spiffed up, you can push it directly into Instagram or your favourite social media application.

I’ve found Snapseed to have the most accurate “Auto Correct” feature, too, bringing exposure, white balance and colour saturation to approximately the same levels as I would have picked manually. New presets allow for improved monochrome filters, and a Centre Focus option gives your subjects more attention by intelligently dimming the rest of the frame.

For $4.99, Snapseed may not have the same brand recognition as iPhoto, but it deserves your money nonetheless.

Check it out in the App Store.

  • Gurpal Sunjit

    Will this be available for BLackberry? Perhaps BB10?

  • Jay

    Finally got ICS on my Rogers Nexus S today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 months later!!!!!!!

  • Alpha

    Maybe it’s just me but the photo looks out of focus and the white balance is wrong. Can Snapseed fix focus like Topaz InFocus?