Sony launches “Borrow an Xperia phone” for developers to test their apps

Sony has taken an extremely pragmatic approach to the developer community, both in terms of apps and the custom ROM builders. Today they are announcing a new initiative that is meant to make it easier  for developers to test their apps against a wide range of Xperia handsets.

The program is fairly lenient: borrow a single Xperia smartphone, free of charge, for up to 30 days. As Sony says on its Developer Blog: “The Device Loaner Program was created with you, the developer, in mind. For the smaller studios and independent developers with limited resources, this is a perfect program to take advantage of. With it, you can immediately borrow an Xperia™ smartphone for up to 30 days.”

The devices as part of the program are:

- Xperia S
- Xperia arc S
- Xperia active
- Xperia PLAY
- Xperia arc
- Xperia X10 Mini Pro
- Xperia X10a
- Xperia X8
- LiveView

To sign up for the program, head on over to their signup page.

Source: Sony
Via: Android Police

  • RP

    Umm this program has been around for about a year…

  • Aiden

    They did’nt mention that you have to prove you have an app in progress.

  • hurric

    awesome.. thanks! signed up waiting for email

  • Awwyeah

    Very easy way of screwing Sony over.. Sign up using a prepaid credit card.

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