textPlus Free Texts + Calls comes to Canadian Android users, iOS soon

Daniel Bader

April 5, 2012 10:51am

textPlus, currently Canada’s most popular free texting app, is expanding into the VoIP game today with a rebrand to Free Texts + Calls. The newly-launched Android app, and soon-t0-be-launched iPhone client, allows users to register a unique phone number for anywhere in the US or Canada and text/call one another for free.

It works similarly to a number of apps we’ve looked at recently, including the popular Dell Voice, Viber and Vonage. What sets textPlus apart is its enormous established userbase with millions of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users already using the SMS replacement service. Adding calls to the mix was a natural evolution, according to CEO Scott Lahman. “Our goal at textPlus is to make texting and calling available and affordable worldwide, so everyone can participate in the conversation. Today’s launch in Canada brings us one step closer to this vision by providing the seamless communication experience that consumers expect, but offered for free or at an extremely low cost.”

While signing up gets you 10 minutes of free calls to non-textPlus numbers, you can purchase additional minutes for a reasonable price: 99c for 30 minutes all the way up to $19.99 for 1000 minutes. Texting is free to anyone in the US or Canada without textPlus, and it’s possible to make the client your default SMS app on Android.

The interface has been updated in this latest version to take advantage of Android 4.0 and the ICS Holo design guidelines, and it looks and feels great. I encountered some stability issues, and messages to non-textPlus nearly 30 seconds to go through, negating much of the usefulness of the app. But for those with a lot of friends on the service (it asks you to scan you contact list before signing up, and can sync with Facebook to link up disparate users) the app has the potential to be a money saver. You can even earn minutes by taking advantage of built-in offers (though many of them involve playing Zynga games, which makes me feel dirty).

textPlus is also optimized for Android tablets, with a very attractive two-pane interface when in landscape mode. You

Download textPlus Free Text + Calls from Google Play.

Source: CNW

  • Sananthananan

    Is it coming to Blackberry?

    I have a 9900

    • James

      Blackberry is dead, no one cares about it.

      Get a real phone.

    • Alex Perrier

      Dell Voice plans to launch a BlackBerry app soon. Doesn’t seem to be the case for Text+, which prefers Windows Phone instead. With Dell Voice, you can call Canadian numbers but not text them.

  • KM

    Wow, finally has NB numbers available. Really want to cancel my voice plan now and go just data.

    • andy c

      this is what has the carrier’s scare sh*tless.

      services like this along with other voip/msg clients are rapidly reducing the carriers to dumb pipes.

      my wife currently uses viber/whatsapp/imsg more then voice/txt

  • Non

    “(though many of them involve playing Zynga games, which makes me feel dirty).”

    Its good to know there are still people like you

  • Local

    FREE texts to anyone in North America, even if they don’t have the app. This is great for my tablet.

  • Sam

    Sounds interesting if I’m understanding correctly that I can text with my tablet.

  • EvanKr

    Finally, apps coming to Android before iOS!

  • Jordan Hill

    I just downloaded and tried it. works great!!!

    and it came to android first!! WOOT!!!!

  • Calgary

    There is a similar app called TextMe, which has been available for a long long time already for Android. It also has free texting to anyone in North America even if they don’t have the app. They give you a Canadian phone number so people can text you back, so it works great on tablets too! Only need wi-fi. Even if you don’t have wi-fi connection, you can receive texts and when you get a wi-fi connection, you can view the texts. Its great.

  • Jack

    This is exactly what I was waiting for, text and calling over WiFi/3G! With LTE networks coming along, data only lines are the future! (However I can see carriers are going to hate this.)

  • Maixis

    This apps been on the iOS for sometime now… Had it since December.

  • Jack

    This is what I’ve been waiting for, text and calling over WiFi/3G! With LTE networks, data-only lines are the future. As usual carriers are going to hate this.

  • Uzi

    Google Voice has always had unlimited Canada/USA text.

  • Milpool

    As great as services like this or Google Voice are, with WIND’s Holiday Miracle Plan, I already have all of this covered 🙂

    • andy c

      you forgot to add as long as your in your wind-zone

  • chloe

    hi hi hi

  • Eric

    I actually like Dell Voice better because when you phone a person that doesn’t have Dell Voice, you can still put through the call with no charge. You can also phone from anywhere in the world, for free, using WiFi.

  • cam

    bro get FriendCaller for ios its the best phoneing app because you just need to watch 30 second ttailers to get 5 free phoning minutes….. give it a try


    Android phones having these type of offer to make free calls globally for limited time to cover the customers…………..