store” pops up in Toronto, a QR Code lovers dream come true


  • Adam

    Didnt know this! Gotta go check it out tomorrow!

    • Vina

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  • QR Code Lover

    You can follow denso QR Code fan page on facebook.com/QRCode

  • Sub-Joker

    if the prices are competitive that is one of the greatest ideas ….

  • Dave

    Sounds more like Consumers Distributing or Shoprite but with the QR Code instead of a catlogue number. Even the old LCBO doesn’t do it that way anymore. Why do I have to leave home to scan a QR Code that I could just click on a page at home?

    • silverpig

      I walked past this this morning. I work in the building just by it and often the drug store is closed when I am leaving work. I needed some general house supplies (TP, paper towels, detergent, soap etc) and had to wait until the weekend to get them. It would have been super convenient to buy them like this.

  • Khav

    So you have to physically go to some location, and after buying something, you have to wait for the product to ship to you? Sounds like they’ve mashed up the bad parts of both online and retail shopping.

  • Wuh

    These things aren’t so that you can leave your house for the purpose of scanning a code. It’s so that when you’re on the run and don’t have time to shop, or when you happen to pass by it and you know you’ll need it in few days time, you can just scan it and have it delivered later.
    Clearly, it’s not meant to replace the concept of grocery shopping or online shopping. (Or YET, anyway)

  • Zeb

    “Don’t have to wait in line to get toothpaste”… but i have to wait to brush my teeth ?

    If I’m out of toothpaste, i think i would much rather wait 5 minutes in line, then not brush my teeth for a couple of days – thats ridiculous…

  • Matt

    This is supposed to appeal to the forgetful lot… walk buy, oh yeah, I need that, bought. I can also tell you why QR codes arent successful. They are anything but quick, thats why.

    • Deto

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  • Omega

    I like the idea, but if they mark prices up too much, people will just avoid it.

    Put prices on those boards that are better than most stores and what you can find online.

    • Marc

      The prices are really good and the shipping is free, no minimum purchase. We’ve been buying off of the Well.ca website for a while now and have only had great (not good, but great) experiences with them. I think that they are backed by a major Canadian drug company so that might have something to do with it.

    • Mazy

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  • chittral

    Its located by the finacial district, these consumers are not highly price sensitive.

    An innovative idea that has incredible potential. But needs to be marketed well. Imagine not having to carry your grocery anymore?

  • Russell

    I remember reading about how they have virtual stores like this in the korean subways. Now I can go check it out!

  • Pam

    Ummm….exactly how is this supposed to be more convenient for shoppers? You have to go somewhere to scan something, then go home and wait for it to be delivered?? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to go to a normal store and buy it off the shelf? Or order it online from the comfort of your own home without having to go out? Sounds like a pretty dumb idea to me.

  • Pam

    I can’t see your delivery being at your door by the time you get home. Who’s delivering this stuff? Superman? Maybe in Korea, but Canadian businesses are usually anything BUT efficient.

  • James Manson

    This is great, however I think the trick is the placement and implementation of the product walls aka virtual stores. Just like stores today, location is everything. The virtual stores will have to be located where people usually spend time waiting anyway. Subway Platforms, Lineups, Bus Stops and the like would be perfect!