Gmail for iOS adds ability to send from multiple accounts

Daniel Bader

March 29, 2012 9:04am

Remember Gmail for iOS? That long-awaited app that was pulled immediately due to a critical bug, and then quietly rereleased to little fanfare and hasn’t been heard of since? Yeah, well that app has been quietly updated to allow for sending from multiple accounts, something that has been present in the Android and desktop versions for some time.

In fact, the behind-the-scenes upgrade was bestowed upon the HTML5-based web app in addition to the iOS version, which is for all intents and purposes identical. Nevertheless, if you’ve configured in Gmail multiple SMTP servers, and use the service to consolidate your email usage, then this addition should be very helpful.

Personally, I prefer Sparrow for the iPhone, and I don’t mind the official for the iPad, but Gmail for iOS supports push and actually works quite well with labels and nested conversations.

If you haven’t yet tried Gmail for iOS, pick it up for free in the App Store.

Via: iLounge

  • Wendy Chung

    Does Gmail for blackberry have this ability? Does anyone know?

  • MacDaddy

    What’s a BlackBerry ?

  • Gfrizzle

    Any advantages of this app over the built-in iOS Mail app?