Update: Google I/O 2012 registration now open… sells out in “a bit over 20 minutes”

Daniel Bader

March 27, 2012 10:12am

The Google I/O conference is the annual developer conference for the Android, HTML5 and general Google-based community, and registration is now open. Though the general public is invited to attend, most of the sessions are geared towards building great apps, websites and HTML5-based applications on the Google platform. This year it is taking place from June 27th-29th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

This year, they are doing things a little bit differently by tying in your Google+ account to your registration. You’ll also need a Google Wallet account.

Initial reports say that the conference is already sold out, though, but you’ll need to keep trying just to be sure. It sold out within an hour last year.

Update: Google’s Vic Gundotra posted on Google+ that “Google I/O has officially sold out! It took just a bit over 20 minutes! (We were experiencing 6,250 qps load on our servers at 7:01am!) While we’re overwhelmed with the interest and enthusiasm around Google I/O, we know it can be very disappointing and frustrating when an event sells out this quickly.”

Check it out at Google I/O, and let us know if you’re going!

  • MattManDo1

    Sold out in less than 1 minute?? Wow.

  • Andre G.

    Ain’t surprising. Sold out. Though 300 for a student is really a good price.

  • Dalex

    Aye 300$ is amazing, too bad I work that week and its in San Francisco… Seeing all the new Google innovations sounds beyond awesome.

  • TheTigerTek

    That’s impressive sold out in a min.. Wow. Its kind of too early for 5.0 Jellybean.

  • Dimitri.k

    Its Sold out. Should be updated as well.

    Really seems amazing how it got sold out within minutes.

  • kevb

    It didn’t sell out within one minute; while it was supposed to be “first come, first served”, it was actually “wait in line for 5 minutes, get kicked to the back and try again”. More random chance than anything else.

    • Dimitri.k

      That is true. I clicked on the link again & it shows that the Registration is closed. So its Sold out for good now.

    • Mike

      Exactly. I clicked into the registration queue less than 2 seconds after registration opened, and was uselessly kicked to the back of the line more than 10 times… while two of my co-workers, who entered the queue 2 and 5 *minutes* after registration began, respectively, were both awarded tickets instantly, on their first try. Meh, seems fair.

  • Jordan Hill

    eye am ironman

  • Netguru

    Sounds like the sale was run by Ticketmaster. 😉

    • Eric K

      I had better luck with TicketMaster to be honest.. I wasted 30+ minutes trying to get a ticket that was supposed to be “first come, first served”. Google should either implement a lottery based system or stop giving away hundreds of dollars worth of gadgets so that people who want to attend can get in.

  • Simble

    Sounds like everyone is hoping for another give away haha

  • John

    Can’t wait to hear about what great new version of Android will be available…not that it matters since I’m still on Froyo and can’t get upgraded. What a BS model. Why don’t you spend some time figuring out how to deal with this fragmentation garbage!?!?!?

    • andy c

      at least you got Froyo.

      my first android was a LG Eve. that thing was not upgraded past 1.6

      I was so happy when i found someone to take it off my hands for $100