TELUS rolls out new device trade-in program, available at 700 stores across Canada

Ian Hardy

March 21, 2012 10:11am

A few weeks let you know about TELUS launching a new trade-in recycling initiative, but today it’s been officially unveiled. They’ve partnered up with US-based eRecyclingCorps and depending on the condition of your old/unwanted device they’ll give you a certain dollar amount – if your device is considered to be worthless, TELUS will donate $3 to Tree Canada. You can only trade-in 3 devices at one time (up “to a maximum combined value of $200”) and you can use the funds to purchase a new handset or accessory, but you must renew or activate a new account. In addition, to get value for your “devices require a working battery and battery door cover”.

In a press release today TELUS stated that 61% of those surveyed (1,011 Canadian adults) have between 1-5 old cell phones lying around their home. In addition, 61% also stated that they would happy to get something for returning their device.

As stated before, tablets are not currently eligible, but internet keys can be traded in. This program is now available at 700 TELUS locations across Canada.

Source: CNW

  • Thomas

    Make the lumia 400 outright.


      sell your old phone on Kijiji you will get more

  • Simian

    Alas if only I was a Telus customer.

  • Matt

    Source has done this for a while now. Theyll give you 75 for a device that turns on when you sign up for a new smartphone.

    • ToniCipriani

      Up to $75.

    • Matt

      @ToniCipriani: Nope, 75 straight up.

  • Dave


    Well if you wanted to get some accessories (new case, screen new protector etc) It’s still a viable option. But yeah getting your old phones to work off paying a new one is great!

  • mikevan

    Sigh … I had to grab a new phone and hence a contract on Monday as my HTC desire finally bit it. If it had only lasted a couple more days.

  • prufrock

    Or give your worthless but functional phones to a local charity or shelter to be used by others.

    • Dimitri.k

      Yes but if you give it to the shelter they can not use it unless they have a plan. Without a plan all they can do really is play around with settings & if there is any music in it…

      I rather give it to Telus which gives $3 to tree Canada.

  • WhoCares

    Thanks, but id rather sell it on ebay.

  • Ryan

    I wonder how the return value compares to the Trade-Up Program that BlackBerry offers. I got $85 back for my old phone through that so I was essentially only paying $15 (and a 3-year contract) to upgrade.

  • Karsen

    Traded in 3 crap wind phones for a Internet stick! Thanks wind your the best! ha!!

    • T1MB1T

      You jerk wind is the best!!!! Everyone knows it! Come to my forum and see how we handle people like you!!!!

  • STY

    these programs are always garbage. You can bring in a phone you JUST bought for $300, and they’ll give $100. They really just want phones out of circulation to sell you a new one, or better yet, get you on a three year contract.