Vlingo launches humorous ads to counter Siri (Video)

Daniel Bader

March 20, 2012 2:10pm

Vlingo, the virtual assistant for everyone else, has seen some of its sheen wear off with the launch of the iPhone 4S and Siri. But not one to cower in a fight, the company is taking to the airwaves (and YouTubes), touting itself as available “For Whatever You’re Into.”

Available on BlackBerry, Android and iOS, Vlingo found fame in being pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and while it doesn’t support the semantic dictation and search features of Siri, in many ways it’s more versatile.

Check out the commercials after the break, and download Vlingo from their website.

Via: Brand Flakes for Breakfast

  • Gunnar

    Good idea, not that funny in its execution.

    • Boojay

      Here’s the problem with Vlingo. It’s called Vlingo.

      That said, it works 100 times better than Siri, but as does Google Voice Search.

  • greg

    these ads arent even remotely funny

  • PkaTka

    I dont see how the ad counters SIRI and the ad was mehh. I guess i didnt like because i dont like virtual assistance… i just dont like talking to my phone..

  • AWSguy

    To counter Siri and do better:

    1. Download “Speaktoit Assistant” from android market.

    2. Next, pay $6 and download Loquendo TTS Susan US English voice. (this is totally worth the $6)

    3. Now when you start Speaktoit, it will ask you to choose your text-to-speech. Select loquendo.

    Speaktoit is far better than siri and loquendo provides a voice with emotions. It sounds more human than the ghastly voice android (or iphone) comes with.

    • crimsona

      I actually prefer Ivona’s text to speech engine, especially English UK. It’s free for now too.

  • Albert

    @AWSguy I’m sorry you need to pay $6 to hear a human speak.

    • Yeria

      To use Siri, you need to pay $600+ or $200 with 3 year contract. If I had to choose one, I would choose $6 option hands down.

      I don’t care though because I wouldn’t use either.

    • PkaTka

      @Yeria to speak to Vlingo you have to spend what you said +$6, or if you go the android route you will be paying pretty much the same. Dont know what point you were trying to make.

  • Jatt Sober

    Vlingo was first launched for Symbian in 2007 (Nokia N95), so it has been there long before Siri was even in Apple womb 🙂

    • Zomby

      Siri was never in Apple’s womb, it was adopted.

  • RobotMan


    I’m sorry you have to pay $300 too much buy the same phone year after year.

    • PkaTka

      isnt that what you are currently paying?

  • jr67

    Nuance powers Siri. Nuance is in the process of buying VLingo. These ads will probably not live for very long.

    • Alpha

      Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking for iOS also uploads ALL of your contacts and a copy of ALL of your text messages to their server. All in the name of “better speech recognition”.

      Sorry, but I don’t need speech recognition bad enough to let Nuance know everything I’m doing and know who all my contacts are.

  • N9 in Canada

    Vlingo is also available for Symbian/Nokia OS.

  • Steven

    All I know about Vlingo is how annoyed I get when I accidentally press the home button twice in class on my Galaxy S2X. That’s lame.

    • Sub-Joker

      That’s why I didn’t keep the GSII i9100. the only one that doesn’t do that is the GSII LTE from Rogers.

    • AJ

      Learn to control your hand and not press the button twice… I’ve never had that problem.

  • Wardriver25

    I did have Vlingo on my $99 Public Mobile MAX, and it works great. Stopped using it because I don’t really need a virtual assistant, Handcent Messenger does the trick for what i do need. That being said, it definitely didn’t cost $600 and the service has yet to let me down.

    As for the commercials, they don’t really stand out. I think like a customer, not someone in marketing, but they really don’t sell the product to me.