Windows Phone Marketplace unofficially has over 70,000 available apps

Mobile manufacturers use various measurements to promote the success of their own app store over another. Apple’s App Store has over 585,000 available apps and recently crossed over the 25 billion app downloadeds. Google Android Market Play Store has surpassed the 450,000 available app mark, and our homegrown RIM’s BlackBerry App World has over 60,000 available apps with over 174 million apps downloaded every month.

Windows Phone is gaining steam. After being quiet in Canada for about a year we’re just now seeing more WP7 device launch: Nokia Lumia 710, 800, 900 and the HTC Radar. The Windows Phone Marketplace is slowly gaining in popularity. They recently announced 50,000 available apps late December, then late February jumped to 65,000 apps. Now third-party figures are reporting the Marketplace has eclipsed the 70,000 available app milestone, making them takeover RIM for 3rd spot.

Windows Phone App List has a running breakdown of the Windows Marketplace. They state that there’s currently 71,173 available apps, with 47,857 (73%) being free apps, 8,031 paid (12%), and 10,075 (15%) on a trial model. In addition, there’s currently 18,283 approved developers.

Check out some additional charts below

  • Apple4Life

    Go windows!



    not good

  • Dalex

    That’s nice, but the number of apps is not relevant (well unless your an IOS fanboy that has nothing going for his platform). As long as it has quality apps, its all good.

    The problem with WP7 isn’t the apps though.

  • Android phan

    Why should I care? IOS, ANDROID, AND BB ARE LOCKED IN THE FINAL battle. Wp brings nothing new to the mobile world. M$ stop copying and start innovating!

  • jellmoo

    I’m more interested in profitability. How profitable is it for a developer to either make or port apps to Windows Phone?

    Considering how great the OS is, getting those big name apps over is probably the next important step.

  • bummy

    Does Windows even have 70,000 users?

  • Phil

    As soon as nokia comes out with a windows phone with the 41M camera sensor I’m switching to WP. WP7.5 is so smooth and fast. The cheap 710 Lumia is faster than any android/apple phone I have used.

  • Ben Chin

    I’ve loved my win phone from the start — really happy with it no complaints. My whole identity is not tied up to my phone though — I’ll switch to a different phone when this one dies if there is a better one out there.

  • I think i like wp7

    Shit, iTard and Andro-moron are getting butt hurted.
    This is only the beginning my friends, WP7 will rule them all.

    • Dalex

      Wow, I hope for their sake they don’t market their phones to people like you… iTard? Andro-moron? really?

      Wp8 can’t come soon enough though. You can be as fast and fluid as you want in meaningless menus, but if you don’t have the functionality to match as well as current year tech (read: not 2010), then you will be stuck with less market share than Samsung’s Bada OS.

  • Barry Fruitman

    IMO Windows phones won’t gain traction until/unless Windows tablets do. And I have a very good feeling about those tablets…

    • Tony D

      About Windows 8, just check out the free consumer preview and you will realize that you need a Windows Phone to have the synergy that’s about to happen this fall. After seeing the customer preview I was like who can really touch this platform/ecosystm. I’ve heard the comment that Windows 8 is just like the phone but I didn’t get it until I tried it and I can’t wait.

  • Tony D

    Windows Phone is the best platform hands down. People just haven’t realized it yet. Those smoked by Windows Phone campaigns really show how a Windows Phone really out paces the compitition in everyday task. I can’t wait for those to become real commericals on TV. The greatest thing about the Market Place is that the most relevant and popular apps exist within that 70,000 so don’t let the numbers fool you.

  • richardr

    They count ebooks as app’s?

  • Jesse

    “Still no apps hurr durr”

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