Humble Bundle 2 for Android brings Canabalt, four other unreleased games to PWYC

Daniel Bader

March 19, 2012 3:15pm

The Humble Bundle phenomenon is fascinating to me. You get a pre-determined number of apps for multiple platforms, in this case five games for Windows, OS X, Linux and Android, Zen Bound 2CanabaltCogs, and Avadon: The Black Fortress(tablets only) and, if you pay more than the “median” price, Swords & Soldiers, at a Pay What You Can scale.

January brought about the first Humble Bundle that was compatible with Android, but this time around one of the best platformers for iOS, Canabalt, is being made available for Android for the first time. And considering it’s not yet available on the Google Play Store, it will likely be in hot demand.

You can pay what you want for the pack, which together would cost around $57USD, but the minimum price to get the bonus game is currently $5.66. You can choose how to split up the money, too — between the developers, charity and a “Humble Tip” for the Bundle team. The two charities being supported are Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, both fantastic causes.

Check out the Humble Bundle for Android and let us know what you pay. The more, the better!

Via: Engadget

  • Ben

    $10 and it was totally worth it!

  • Jeffery Keel

    The selection of games isn’t too bad. The first deal was a better in my opinion, just because it had some better titles like “World of Goo”. But hey, for a penny I don’t really mind. Yes.. I donated a penny.

  • Jesso2k

    Well then you missed out on swords and soldiers which is the best game the lot. I feel bad this is first humble bundle, the process was so easy. Everyone should do it, there is an option to gift the games if they’re not you taste.

  • Anonymous Jim

    I just reflexively throw ten dollars at every Humble Bundle that pops up, regardless of what’s in it. Good charities, good developers, and usually some great games.
    They like to include some bits from previous bundles if you’re over the average amount later on, too.

  • Dylan K

    Threw $10 at it for the bonus game Swords and Soldiers (which wasn’t bad) and Canabalt. So happy that game got ported to Android!

  • Ryan

    I paid $6 because it showed $5.99 to get the bonus, after paying it showed that I actually needed to pay more to get the bonus game. I replied by email asking why it showed $5.99 but then was higher after I paid and I received a reply quickly from “Josh” who provided me with the upgrade. I threw another $5 at it because customer service is good. I should have just dumped $10 on there to begin with.