Motorola’s MOTOACTV now available in Canada


  • JB

    I saw the price and lol’d.

    Good luck with that Motorola, and I say that as a (slightly jadded) owner.

    • Dono

      Have you ever seen fitness watches with gps & tracking? Like models from Garmin? They’re not exactly cheap…

  • EddieWinslow

    To be honest I find the price reasonable for what it does. there are the gps/heart rate monitor watches out there for 199+. why not pay the extra 50 bucks for an mp3 player, and the ability to have notifications push from your phone?

  • dg

    I have one and I love it.

  • c0bra

    I’m not partial to one over the other myself since I don’t know enough about them but what are the pro’s and con’s of this over the ipod nano? General Apple hating aside.

    • greenlink

      |ipod nano | motoactv
      display| 1.54″ | 1.6
      | 240×240 | 176×220

      grolla |
      glass | no | yes

      radio | yes | yes

      GPS | no | yes

      bluetooth | no | yes

      faces | yes | no

      player | yes | yes


      storage| 8/16GB | 8/16GB

      wifi | no | yes

      battery| 24 hours | 20 hours
      | playback | playback

      ipod nano – touchscreen music player that can go on your
      wrist, with nike+
      moto actv – fitness tracker that fits on your wrist, and
      plays music

  • greenlink

    i was interested about this but after being left in the cold with my outdated xoom, multiple times, i will never buy another Motorola product.

    • David Evans

      You forgot to mention the prices in your comparison greenlink. Also, with Google now owning Motorola, well at least the good part, Moto should be much better with OS updates.

  • c0bra

    Thanks for the detailed response greenlink.

    Good to know about the bluetooth and GPS. I believe these are important features when using to track runs and using exercise apps.

  • BigC_13

    But is it going to get Ice Cream Sandwich? 😛

  • p

    And just so everyone knows, my MOTOACTV has been updated twice since I got it (Dec/11).

  • saliwok

    I’ve had one for over a month now (ordered 16GB model from It really is an amazing device, though not without it’s limitations (battery life being one, but only if your workouts are lasting more than 3 hours). Having an MP3 player, gps, watch and HRM all in the same little gadget is everything I could ask for in a gadget.

  • Zanzee

    Google navigation on my wrist with data tethered via bluetooth(save battery over wifi) sounds pretty cool to me.
    Do remember that you can root it and run full android on it.

  • Puleen Patel

    The fineprint with the MotoACTV that they don’t tell you is that you can only pair it with a Motorola Android device. I have one of these things and it doesn’t pair with a my Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus.

    Although, I absolutely love the MOTOACTV and use it regularly at the gym and on a daily basis to track how much I walk.

  • Dave

    Actually this is now paired with any device with 2.1 or newer!