TAG Heuer RACER will run the “latest Android software”, available this July for $3,600

Ian Hardy

March 12, 2012 3:44pm

TAG Heuer is known worldwide for their fine craftsmanship in watches, but come this July they are hoping to add another revenue stream by launching an Android smartphone called the TAG Heuer “RACER”. There’s limited info on the specs, but they note that it’ll run the “latest Android software”, which is highlighted as being an “intelligent operating system”. A promo vid has been posted online that says the RACER has been been “Engineered without compromise”, “inspired by GT racing cars”, “made of lightweight materials”, has a “3D user interface” and is a “fusion of luxury and performance”.

Sounds promising. This all comes at a starting cost of 2800€, which is about 3,658.37 (CDN). Curious where you’ll be able to get one of these? TAG stated in a press release that the RACER “will be available in TAG Heuer boutiques, luxury mobile boutiques and selected watch and jewelry retailers in July”.

Start lining up now. Video below.

Source: TAG
Via: CNW


    How much will be on a three years plan from Rogers?


      Now Apple users will say iPhone is better!!

  • Jacquio

    I’m willing to bet that the “Latest Android Software” is Gingerbread.

  • Baconeater

    for that price i want ios and ics. not to mention a retina display and a stylus. and a luxury suite while i wait in line for this thing.

  • zzZZzz

    seems a little bulky

    • stylinred

      all the ridiculously priced phones are, check out the vertus

  • Jim

    Sexy design? Absolutley! Is this stupid? Absolutely!

  • shoo

    Looks… terrible.
    Thick, chunky, weird angles all over the place.

  • CBV

    But will it blend?


      I don’t think he will go that far!!

  • P-Dub

    I just vomited a little… look how freaking thick it is!

  • Stu

    they should call it the “Megan Fox” because it’s really sexy AND really dumb

  • Sean

    Made in China. Alongside your $49 dollar phone, using the same internals.

  • David

    At least it looks slightly better than the Porsche phone.

  • anonymous

    Lol, the gimmicks people use to market things today…

    “Yeah lets throw some carbon fibre and vents on it and say it was inspired by racing cars”

  • Hungry Ghost

    Chunky. Doesn’t make coffee. Ugly too.


  • Ruut

    “Excuse me sir, are you a c**k?”
    “It is one of the ratings on my drivers license.”
    “Oh, then you do apply for this phone.”

  • TeamGunstar

    Wow! Looks awesome, definatly my next phone. Its not that much, only the price of 3-4 phones. It looks GODLY and is not some piece of junk made of cheap materials. Are they going to have any other colors? My wife wants one as well.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Carbon Fiber? Oh TAG, you’re sooo 2000-late.

  • northstar_86

    intelligent operating system? iOS? uh oh. *apple deploys the lawyers*


    VERTU all the way…

  • Michael

    I’ll bet that you’ll be able to pick this up at Holt Renfrew, but they’ll change closer to $5k…

  • Josh

    For rich snobs that need to show you how much better they are than you and or those that rely on Length times Girth over Angle of the Shaft (aka YAW) divided by mass over WIDTH.

    • stylinred

      no rich snobs have far more expensive phones to buy hell even the vertus (which arent the most expensive) cost at minimum 3x as much

  • MacMan156

    And will probably never receive an android OS update…

  • Cell Hell

    I’ll be buying 20 of these and giving them out as x-mas gifts. I wish they cost twice as much each so they’d have even greater status.

    I hope I can buy a solid gold, diamond encrusted Android phone soon!