Rogers officially starting Nokia Lumia 900 pre-orders next week

Ian Hardy

March 10, 2012 9:43am

There are a couple certainties about the upcoming Rogers Nokia Lumia 900. First, it’s pegged in for a launch sometime in “early April“. Second, this will be yet another LTE-enabled device to arrive on Canadian shores. This Windows Phone 7 Mango-powered smartphone will be available within the month and Rogers has notified the masses on Twitter that the “NokiaLumia 900 preorders start next week”, which usually brings out the price points. It’s rumoured that the no-contract price will around $629.99 outright, thus possibly making the 3-year contract fall to $99.99. Also, don’t forget about that secret “surprise” that Rogers and Nokia have for those who pre-order. It’s unknown exactly what it is, but they have the hint of “there’s a hero rising out of the darkness”. Any guesses?

Source: Twitter

  • Anirask

    With AT&T rumored to be delaying this by a month, I was kind of nervous about having to wait till May or June. This make me happy.


      YPEEEEEE, its too old

      1Ghz single core with 4.3″ display 720p VIDEO REC. ONLY 217 ppi pixel density and 1.3 MP, front facing VGA@30fps

      Good thing is Gorilla glass


      BUT still better than the iPhone 😉


  • Dimitri.k

    Amazing phone. I would not pre order it tho. Rogers has the worst pre ordering / reservation system. Walk – ins get the phone before you do. We have seen the mess with the iphone 4S and s2 LTE and the gnexus. Ill get the phone as well. I want to trry it out.

  • Jimbo

    The battery issue with the 800 makes me nervous. Reported at 8-10 hours of moderate use and it burns through the battery when not in use. Next update hopefully resolves this issue.

    This may be my next phone but will wait until all the reviews of the actual unit are out first.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Pre-orders are for suckers.

  • sunvv

    great news.

    Does it have 3G AWS band? Can it be unlocked?

    I might buy it if answers to these questions are yes.

  • uranus

    What’s the surprise?

  • SAM


  • Colin

    Depends on what the pre-order bonus is and what the outright price for the phone is I may go for the pre-order, I plan on getting one.

  • Dimitri.k

    The pre order is either a movie ticket for the Dark night raises or the Nokia Lumia 900 with the batman logo on the back. Its obvious from the “there’s a hero rising out of the darkness” hint. You never know they might even give you a poster as a gift.. I rather get the movie tickets if anything tho.

  • Jeeverz

    I can’t wait for this phone, I really hope the outright price is not $629 though :/

  • Stu

    I’m getting the phone – just can’t decide on black or cyan

    • that guy

      cyan alllllllll the way!

  • Kumar

    I can not wait. Excellent antenna on the Nokia phones but no AWS? I went to nokia website and it says no. Is ok I leave wind anyway not working as it should. Bad company.

  • Vic

    How can they ask $629 for it when AT&T wants to sell it for $99.00 on a 2 year contract. Rogers pisses me off. Maybe I’ll buy it outright from a AT&T store and unlock it and use it at telus.

    • Eluder

      The outright price is nothing, but a rumour. I don’t understand how someone can be mad about something that isn’t even sure to be true.
      Let’s wait and see what the outright price is and then we can make a judgement call.

  • phoni

    Nokia and ATT blew it, you can only jerk the customer around for so long…terrible PR.

  • T1MB1T

    BLOCKED!!! Why is rogers and AT&T blocking wind from getting this phone!!! Tony was upset and said he will call on his backers to make life difficult for the Big 3!!!! Wind has the most megga hurts and the best service!! We will force you all to accept that!

    • 2dfx

      I’m starting to wonder if you have some sort of mental illness…

  • Nade

    Overpriced, if the rumours are true.

  • Waiting

    I’d just wait on this phone. It looks really cool but I don’t expect it to outsell the Android or Iphone.. I’ll bet the carriers will have a firesale mid summer when they realize they didn’t gain the marketshare. At that point, I will switch to WinPhone7.